Sundown ~ Review

Sky King Ranch #3
By Susan May Warren

Colt is hurting. His recovery from the beating is taking much longer than he'd like, but he's a Kingston and former military. But when he gets the chance to be a hero, he's not about to turn down the opportunity.  

Taylor "Tae" Price is either the world's biggest liar or a woman with some serious trouble following her. And with what she claims, Colt would rather she be a liar, but he wants to believe her. 

Tae is running from the people who want her dead, or maybe they just want her in their custody. She's not really sure - all she knows is they have the power to bring the world to an end. 

Yup, Colt and the Kingston clan have just landed themselves into a whole mess of trouble. And the bad guys mean business, and they won't be stopped. But the Kingston brothers being who they are, won't let that get in their way. But this time, they just might not be able to walk away.

This book continues the thread that has run throughout the series (Sunrise and Sunburst), adding to the mysterious goings-on that has plagued the rural Alaskan region that the Kingston's call home. A Russian threat, an attack in Africa, a mysterious plague it all comes together in an action-packed romantic conclusion. 

This is the concluding book in the series, and I think the series was perfectly named as it takes the reader through the day with the individual titles. The Kingston boys have finally all come home, but they are not yet fully healed, and this book takes us further into their journey. But this journey has been a long time coming and, in Colt's case, more than a decade. But how do you heal from a broken heart while you are trying to save the world? Well, you're just going to have to find out for yourself. And this is one series that reading all the books in order is a must!

I was provided a copy of the book with no expectations all thoughts are my own. 

About the Book:
He doesn’t trust her . . . but he can’t let her go it alone

Former Delta Operative Colt Kingston knows when someone is lying. He may not know the truth, but he sure doesn’t trust Tae, the mysterious woman his family rescued from an Alaskan blizzard. Behind those beautiful blue eyes, Colt can tell there is a troubled–and smart–woman.

A few of her stories prove true–they found the crashed plane and the dead body inside. Still, her tale of survival seems too incredible to believe . . . until the thugs she claims to be hunting her across Alaska show up and threaten Sky King Ranch. Now Tae must disappear, along with her secrets.

Colt will have to track her down and earn her trust before it’s too late. It’ll take the entire family to save the world from disaster.

The epic conclusion to Susan May Warren’s Sky King Ranch trilogy.

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