Body of Evidence ~ Review

Body of Evidence
Triple Threat #3
By Irene Hannon

Grace Reilly is the last Reilly sister without a man in her life - her sisters blame it on her career choice as she is highly unlikely to meet a living man as a pathologist. Cate and Eve were right until Grace became someone's target. And then she noticed a few deaths that raised questions in her mind. 

Sheriff Nate Cox is new to the job, but he is convinced that the "attacks" on Grace are more than a coincidence, especially when it looks like her suspicions might be something more. But with no evidence proving foul play is going to prove more than a little challenging.

In typical Irene Hannon fashion, we are taken on a winding road to get from page one to the conclusion. We are given a glimpse into the killer's mind, but the identity is kept hidden. We are offered several possible suspects but no clear clues. I will admit I had a few suspicions as to the killer's identity but nothing absolute. I loved the suspense - a couple of times, I was expecting something to happen, but nothing untoward occurred.

I love how the Triple Threat series has so many intersecting layers that could be connected to the main crime but, at the same time, are somehow unique and unto themselves. The Reilly sisters have each managed to get themselves into a mess, but each book could be read as a standalone, so if you haven't read the first two books, you'll be able to jump into this book without any issues. But I'd recommend going back to enjoy them later. Irene Hannon in no way disappoints with this book.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion ~ all thoughts provided are my own.

About the Book:
Forensic pathologist Grace Reilly has seen her share of unusual deaths in rural Missouri. But when she begins to notice a curious pattern in autopsies of elderly residents whose demise appears to be natural, she takes her concerns to Sheriff Nate Cox.

Nate is skeptical about the link Grace is seeing between the deaths--and her suspicions of foul play. But her persistence is compelling. Once she finally convinces him her theory is credible and they join forces to investigate, danger follows. Because exposing the truth could destroy several lives--including Grace's.

Queen of inspirational romantic suspense Irene Hannon closes out her bestselling Triple Threat series with this gripping tale of secrets revealed and romance sparked.

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