Green as Grass ~ Review

Green as Grass
Clean Regency Romances #2
By Mary-Celeste Ricks

Miss Louisa Grenfeld is the standard by which any well-informed lady strives to achieve. As a contemporary of Beau Brummell, she is well thought of and turns heads but is of no mind to marry anyone anytime soon. But when her father gives her an ultimatum, she has no choice but to make up her mind to find a match this season, for he refuses to fund another one.

She has caught the attention of Mr. Andrew Brougham, who is as green as can be and is more attuned to rare birds than fashion. Determined to turn his attention in another direction, Louisa begins tutoring Mr. Brougham in the social graces and soon succeeds in making him the gentleman to catch this season. 

But Louisa's success soon finds her longing for the almost daily visits she and Andrew once shared. But Louisa was more than firm in her lack of interest in Andrew as anything other than a friend, and he managed to ruin it. And then his mother - she has greater aspirations for him than an untitled lady. What's a gentleman to do when his heart is pulling him one way, and everyone else has other plans for him.

This is a fun read in which no one knows what they truly want, and, in the process, they all make a perfect muddle of everything - and by everything, I mean everything. Understandings and attachments are formed, but are they ones that will result in happiness for all involved, or will a life of misery be the unfortunate outcome of rash and ill-advised actions. This is a big mess that will take some interesting maneuvers to set to rights.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations, but that I provide my honest opinion, all thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:
Miss Louisa Grenfeld is a budding arbiter of London fashion, a protégé of the great Beau Brummell himself. But when her father informs her that the only way she can continue her lavish lifestyle is through marriage, she reluctantly begins her search for a husband.

She soon captures the interest of Mr. Andrew Brougham. But the awkward, bird-loving man is a social novice with an overbearing mother, and Louisa quickly determines to rid herself of both of them by tutoring Mr. Brougham into fashionable comportment, hoping he will turn his attentions toward other young ladies in the process.

Andrew Brougham may not understand fashion, but he certainly knows his own mind, and he has determined that Miss Louisa Grenfeld and he would suit perfectly together. But between his mother forcing him toward an unwanted match and Miss Grenfeld's uncertainty, he has a difficult path ahead. If he molds himself to conform to society's desires will that be enough to please both Miss Grenfeld and his exacting mother?

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