As Silent as the Night ~ Review

As Silent as the Night 
Strike to the Heart #1.5
by Danielle Grandinetti

I love this series of books and As Silent as the Night is the final book. Each book is a quick read as it isn't real long but there is just so much story within that one doesn't feel as if something is lacking.

As Silent as the Night focuses on Gio Vella who makes his home in Chicago. To help those who need his help Gio takes no sides in the unrest that grips the city. He makes deals with the devils that try to hold the city in their grasp to provide food for those who have little to nothing. But everything is about to change when the woman he doesn't love (if he keeps telling himself that maybe his heart will believe him) is taken.

Lucia Critelli has no one except her grandfather left and she is determined to make a St. Nicholas Day meal for him that is not much at least will be special. But standing in the food line she has attracted the unwanted attentions of an evil and vile man, and he has plans for her.

Making a daring rescue Gio must do all he can to keep Lucia safe. But why has Lucia attracted such attention? Until he can answer that question Lucia will never be safe and neither will his heart. And once again Gio finds himself in Eagle, Wisconsin, seeking to keep a young woman safe from the unknown threat that hunts her. But can he find love when he feels so unworthy of it? 

The book is definitely one to read if you enjoy historical fiction set in the era of speakeasys and prohibition, this is a clean read that is appropriate for teens and up. I highly recommend this for a weekend read or as a book club selection. 

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:

He can procure anything except his heart’s deepest wish. 
She might hold the key if she’s not discovered first.

Chicago, 1933―Lucia Critelli will do anything for her ailing grandfather, including stand in a breadline to have enough food to make him a St. Nicholas Day meal. When she catches the eye of a goon who threatens her grandfather, she discovers the end of Prohibition doesn’t mean the end of the mafia’s criminal activity.

Retired Marine Scout Giosue “Gio” Vella can find anything, especially if it helps a fellow Italian immigrant, so he has no doubt he can locate his neighbor’s granddaughter, who has gone missing from a local church. Keeping her safe is another matter. Especially when he chooses to hide out with his Marine buddy in Eagle, Wisconsin, the site of a barely-held truce among striking dairy farmers.

Will Christmas bring the miracle they all need or will Gio discover there are some things even he can’t find, particularly when he stumbles upon the most elusive gift of all: love.

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