Critical Alliance ~ Review

Critical Alliance
Rocky Mountain Courage #3
By Elizabeth Goddard

She thought her past was behind her - left behind in Montana along with her family - but her past misdeeds have caught up to her. Mackenzie Hanson's juvenile indiscretions cost her more than she expected but when she gets a warning she realizes she may have to pay an even higher price. Can she stop the attack and protect her father's legacy before it is too late? Not if the unknown threat has anything to say about it.

Alex Knight's last mission went wrong and now he's returned to the home he left years ago. He's supposed to relax but when he sees a familiar face from his time in D.C. he is unexpectedly drawn into a situation that will require all of his skills if he is to get the answers he needs and keep Mackenzie alive. Alex knows security but the trouble that has found Mackenzie may be more than he has previously dealt with. 

Critical Alliance is an engaging read that seemingly has layers upon layers of secrets that need to be peeled back and revealed. Because if Alex and Mackenzie can't discover what is truly at stake lives will be lost and they may not live to see their failure's true cost. The pacing is good - it keeps one's attention fully engaged. This is the third book in the Rocky Mountain Courage series and though it should be read in series order it can be read as a standalone book without any difficulty. I think I'd say this is a book of secrets and it is interesting how the more tightly a secret is held the more imperative that it be revealed. And just a word of warning - keep your eyes open for unattended drones - just saying after reading this book technology and smart devices won't look the same ever again.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expections but that I provide my honest opinion ~ All thoughts expressed are my own. 

About the Book:
She's seeking answers.
He's seeking respite.
The past is seeking both of them.

Mackenzie Hanson's special set of skills opened the door to a successful career as a professor of cybersecurity at a Michigan university, allowing her to put her criminal past behind her. But when a long-ago partner in crime delivers a cryptic message about her father's tech company being under cyberattack, she heads for Montana to secure exposed assets, close security breaches, and hopefully save lives.

Diplomatic Security Services special agent Alex Knight is back home in Montana to decompress from a mission gone wrong. But even as he's trying to relax, he's drawn into another mystery, complete with suspicious deaths, lethal threats, and whispers of espionage that all have one thing in common--a beautiful cybersecurity expert with a dark past.

When the situation turns deadly, Alex and Mackenzie will have to work together to find the answers they need--before someone silences Mackenzie for good.

USA Today bestselling author Elizabeth Goddard weaves a tangled web of nail-biting suspense and heart-stopping romance in this fast-paced conclusion to her Rocky Mountain Courage series.

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