Love, Faith, and Tender Kisses ~ Review

Love, Faith, and Tender Kisses
By Lisa Renee, Milla Holt, Meredith Resce, 
Lorana Hoopes, Narelle Atkins, Carolyn Miller, 
  and Autumn Macarthur

Love, Faith, and Tender Kisses is a collection of seven novellas that offer a mix of contemporary romance reads. 

In the Fake Engagement Mistake, we are offered a fake romance that may not be as fake as it was supposed to be. Becca just wants her parents to let her make her own decisions about her life and asks her brother's best friend Paul to be her fake boyfriend/fiancee. There is just one little thing she doesn't know Paul has always had a crush on her and he isn't about to let this chance at something more get away from him.  This a sweet story with an ending that you just have to read.

In the Last Flight Home Macey has just had her hopes of romance blow up and now she finds herself on a nine-hour flight home to England with the fiancee she broke up with five years ago. Talk about awkward. Caleb's heart was broken when Macey ended things between them and to be on a flight with her couldn't have been more unexpected. Can the issue that tore them apart be breached or will Macey stubbornly hold onto her anger. Or will Caleb's reasoning finally make sense to Macey? Is this a second chance at romance or just additional heartbreak? 

In Falling for Maddie Grace an on-the-field collision knocks umpire Maddie Grace out and brings her back into the life of one of her father's former players. Zac has had no problem avoiding romance and holding true to his morals but when he knocks out Maddie Grace everything is about to get muddled up. Before Maddie had always been just one of the guys and coach Jimmy's daughter but now that he's injured her and she needs his assistance he starts to see her differently. Could they have something more and not become just another sensational-rumor-filled headline?

In The Billionaire's Impromptu Bet a bet between "friends" to get a random guy to propose within a month takes an unexpected turn when entitled Brie Carter is given an ultimatum by her father. Get a job or get married within a month or you are on your own. SWAT Officer Jesse Calhoun isn't impressed by spoiled little rich girl Brie. But when Brie gets a job at the local coffee place and starts spending time with him he realizes he may have misjudged her. But with a secret bet between them do they even have a chance of a happily ever after? 

In His Perfect Catch Mia Radcliffe takes an extended break from her life in Sydney, hiding out in Sapphire Bay to avoid the social fallout of her ex's fall from everything amid a political scandal. What she never expected was to connect with her cousins' next door neighbor. Pete McCall has been flipping properties and has bought a beach house in need of a major over-all but he has a promise to keep where Mia is concerned. But keep an eye out for Mia isn't a problem as the two connect over missing keys and coffee. But when their life plans seemingly lead them in opposite directions is there hope for what might be? Or has their chance at romance ended before it truly has a chance to start?

Originally Yours is set in Wisconsin just as Christmas break is getting ready to start. Gloria has been planning on returning to her family home in Georgia when a winter storm disrupts her plans. But Gloria has a personality that finds her always in an upbeat helpful frame of mind. But missing Christmas with her family brings to light some of her past issues and may be behind her avoidance of any romance in her life. Josiah doesn't have time for romance - he has a plan and it is set in stone. Unfortunately for him he didn't check with God first. This Christmas just might find two people not looking for romance with an unexpected gift - but it may take a nudge or two from their friends to see the possibilities.

In Imperfectly Proverbs 31 we meet Daniel who is forced into investigating a blogger Samantha (Sam) who seems too good to be true. Sam feels that she has to put a perfect persona out there, that she needs to be the woman of Proverbs 31 (don't we all at times). But Daniel is against any hint of untruth and sets up a potentially tense situation for the two of them. 

Overall this is a great collection of novellas and a perfect introduction to seven distinct authors. Looking for clean reads and romance with a faith based foundation? Well. you will want to pick up this set. It is perfect for when you want to enjoy a quick story (think at the most  two or three hours of book relaxation per story). 

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I offer my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:
Boy meets girl. Man meets woman. Sparks fly. All good love stories start here and usually face a myriad of challenges before the young couple find that together they are better. This set of Contemporary Christian romance stories come from writers across both sides of the pond and Downunder, proving that romance is not only a sweet thing, it's global. Here's a set of stories to inspire, encourage faith, and meet all the warm-fuzzy expectations.

In this boxset, you'll receive a total of seven novellas from these popular Christian Romance authors:

Fake Engagement Mistake © 2021 by Lisa Renee
Last Flight Home © 2021 Milla Holt
Falling for Maddie Grace © 2021 Meredith Resce
The Billionaire's Impromptu Bet © 2021 Lorana Hoopes
His Perfect Catch © 2021 Narelle Atkins
Originally Yours © 2021 Carolyn Miller
Imperfectly Proverbs 31 © 2021 Autumn Macarthur

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