Enchanting the Heiress ~ Review

Enchanting the Heiress
Home on the Heath #3
By Kristi Ann Hunter

Miss Harriet Hancock may not be titled but she is an heiress. An heiress with a secret, a secret that is keeping her from living the life she truly wants.

Jonas Fitzroy is tired of Miss Hancock's meddling ways. She thinks nothing of implying a mistruth here or there to get the result she wants. He saw how she meddles in his sister Sophia's life and he doesn't want to be caught in any of her "plans". 

But Sophia hatches a plan to get Jonas out of his solitary existence she just needs Harriet's help to pull it off. Never one to deny Sophia, Jonas finds himself agreeing to speak about his art with Harriet but gets pulled into a scheme of helping her to write a book. Past experiences have made him wary of Harriet and her request.

As the two work together Jonas has moments when he wonders if he has misjudged Harriet. But when the truth that Harriet has guarded for years comes out, Jonas has to wonder if he truly ever knew the real Harriet. 

Enchanting the Heiress is the third and final book in the Home on the Heath series. This time we get to know Jonas and Harriet. Jonas has spent years avoiding any and all close relationships with everyone other than Sophia. Harriet has been living a lie, it was with the best intentions but she has trapped herself in it. Harriet and Jonas couldn't be a more unlikely couple but their friends see the potential. But the truth that Harriet has been concealing could destroy the fragile friendship that has been forming between them. 

I have to say I'm sorry that this series is ending. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all the characters who graced these pages. The characters all have depth and there are layers that have to be peeled away to get to who they truly are at their core. Harriet was definitely more than what I was expecting, especially with what I saw of her in the two previous books. Now, I feel this book is best read after reading Vying for the Viscount and Winning the Gentleman but one could read this book as a standalone and not get lost, some reference to previous incidents wouldn't be as clear but not to the point of ruining the story. 

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion - all thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:

Miss Harriet Hancock enjoys playing the role of eccentric heiress, using her wealth and influence to cleverly and anonymously better the lives of those in Newmarket. Though she keeps people at a distance to protect a years-old secret, when her friend pleads for help on a personal project, Harriet can't resist.

Stablehand Jonas Fitzroy would do anything for his twin sister, even if it means seeking out the woman whose meddling ways have made him wary and suspicious. The last thing he expects is for Miss Hancock to request his help in writing a book. Intent on revealing her underlying plan, Jonas agrees.

As they work together, an unexpected friendship forms. But when things for once don't go according to Harriet's plan, she's left wondering if good intentions might not be enough. Is there a way to mend the broken pieces of her life? And will Jonas give her another chance at his heart?

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