Pembrick's Creaturepedia ~ Review

Pembrick's Creaturepedia
By Ollister B. Pembrick
Translated from the original by Andrew Peterson
Illustrated by O.B.P., 
with assistance from Aedan Peterson, master of sketchery

"Since the Second Epoch, the creatures of Acrwiar have grown more and more corrupt, more and more dangerous, and (I would argue) more and more beautiful. I believe all three are true, sometimes regarding the same wild beast!" And so begins Pembrick's Creaturepedia which is a warning to any who pick it up and read it of the creatures of Acrwair.

This creaturepedia is not an exhaustive list of all the creatures who call Acrwiar home. The creatures are arranged (per the author) alphabetically not by levels of dangerousness. Each entry is accompanied by an illustration of the creature. And there are blank field note entry pages so that readers can add their own observations on the last few pages of creatures not covered by this journal.

Pembrick's Creaturepedia is a companion book to the Wingfeather Saga and would be enjoyed by any who have read these books. And if you have not read these books but love journals of fantastical creatures and beasts this would likely appeal to you as well.

I was provided a complimentary loan of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.

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