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Written in Ink
The Rose Tattoo trilogy#2
By Sara Davison

He's given fifteen years of his life, of his love to Renee Dawson when she suddenly calls an end to everything. His hopes and dreams of a forever with her are shattered. She claims that Cash is a distraction she doesn't need in the pursuit of her career, but the truth is something that will shatter him even more.

Renee has spent her life trying to prove she isn't the failure her father has always made her feel like. She has never had a moment of doubt about Cash McCall's love but she knows when he learns the truth his feelings will change. But the decision is hers alone to make and make it she will. 

But Renee's decision leads directly her into the path of extremists who will do whatever it takes to silence any and all who could stand in the way of their goals. After all, what's one more death when compared to the millions of innocents who have paid the price.

Now I will admit that this book covered several topics I wasn't expecting from the book description - abortion, pro-life extremists, and premarital sex. Now the topics were presented in a sensitive and thoughtful manner as various characters deal with these issues from differing perspectives. Though not what I was expecting and possibly not one I would have picked up if I had known, it was well written. The characters came across as believable and as people, one could have day-to-day interactions with. This is the second book in the Rose Tattoo Trilogy and it was able to be read as a standalone book. I have not read the previous book and other than some references to events that may have occurred in that book it was easy to follow the story from beginning to end. Overall an excellent and well-presented book. 

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion - All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:
Series: The Rose Tattoo Trilogy #2
Publisher: Independently Published / The Mosaic Collection
Release Date: August 4, 2021
Genre: Christian, Romantic Suspense

Everything he has built his life and future on has been torn away.

Cash McCall has loved Dr. Renee Dawson for half his life. Although they’ve talked about a future together, she has never believed it was the right time for them to get engaged. Now she has ended their relationship, and he has no idea why.

Everything Renee worked so hard for is in jeopardy. One agonizing decision has changed everything, and she has been forced to shatter the heart of the man she loves. And her own.

The extremist militant group The Arm is on a mission. Its leader doesn’t care how many innocent lives are lost in the pursuit of the group’s end goal, and Renee has seen something she was not supposed to see.

If Cash can’t get to her in time, Renee could end up in the crosshairs of the terrorists, and he may lose her—and any chance at the life he’d always envisioned—forever.

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