Songs in the Night ~ Review

Songs in the Night
Wyldhaven #12
By Lynnette Bonner

Aurora McClure has taken Parson Clay's apparent disinterest in her a sign that she is to move on and the opportunity to attend the music conservatory just be the answer she's been praying for. Before she has a chance to leave Wyldhaven the reason for Preston Clay's disinterest seems to have stepped off the afternoon coach!

But sometimes what the eyes see isn't what truly is. Poppy Scarlatti is a part of Preston's past he never expected to have to deal with ever again. But here she is in Wyldhaven ready to do whatever it takes to get Preston to fold to her demands. And Poppy's demands are anything but law abiding! But Preston is no longer the man she knew and she'll just have to resort to a little subterfuge to get him willingly join her in her 'plan'.

Songs in the Night is altogether delightful story. This is the 12th book in the Wyldhaven series but can easily be read without reading the previous books. There are references to events from previous books (I think) but nothing that detracts from the understanding or enjoyment of this book. I also enjoyed getting to know the other characters who call Wyldhaven home. Life isn't easy and has moments anguish and joy and these characters experience both giving the reader a fully fleshed out book. Excellent for those who want clean inspiring reads.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion ~ All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:
Aurora McClure would like nothing more than to march into Parson Preston Clay’s church and give him a kiss that would knock him into the next county. But since she’s not that kind of woman, and he’s shown little inclination toward her, she’s decided to run instead. Leaving town will be infinitely better than remaining where she will need to continue fighting her feelings. If only she had peace about the decision! 

Parson Preston Clay sits at his desk and glares at newcomer Kane Carver, who’s just asked for permission to call on Aurora McClure. His jaw aches. He’s been suffocating his feelings for Aurora for years because his calling requires long hours with low pay and it’s not the kind of job for a family man. Yet . . . staring at Kane, he realizes if he doesn’t act, he might lose Aurora forever.

But just when he sets aside his hesitations, a woman from his past—his distant and nefarious past—rides into town. And though he’s far from the same man he once was, she hasn’t changed a bit. She thinks he’s running a con and wants him to use his safecracking skills to help her break into the bank. When he refuses, how far will she go to ensure his cooperation? And how much will Preston be willing to compromise when she takes Aurora captive?

In the darkest hours of the night, he desperately cries out to the only One who can help him. The One who gives songs in the night.

Take the next stagecoach to Wyldhaven, where the coffee's perked hot, the sheriff likes his apple pie fresh from the oven, and adventure invariably waits just around the next river bend.

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