No Journey Too Far ~ Review

No Journey Too Far
McAlister Family Saga #2
By Carrie Turansky

For too long Grace McAlister has been gone. With no clues as to where she may have been taken after 10 years her family still has hope that someday they will find her. With the war in Europe concluded, Garth McAlister plans to return to Canada. But he first plans to spend time with the family he was taken from all those years ago. Concern for the woman who captured his heart has him returning to Canada - Emma Lafferty is the woman he promised to return to but all communication from her abruptly ended several months ago. Can he find Emma and Grace? Or will the hole in the family and his heart be a permanent fixture in his life?

In No Ocean Too Wide, we were introduced to the McAlister family who due to illness is torn apart by the "well-intentioned" of England. Forbidden to see or care for her younger siblings, Laura McAlister follows them across the ocean to Canada where they were dispersed as if they were little more than a commodity to be shuffled about. But though partially successful Laura was able to bring just one sibling home - Grace. Years have passed and war has stymied their efforts but in No Journey Too Far we are able to experience the conclusion to the search to restore that which was lost. This is a story of hope even in the face of unexpected obstacles. And it is a story of family and the bonds that draw us together. And it is a story of prejudice - treating those who were labeled British Home Children as something lower than the very association with them somehow tainted those around them. And this is a story of love.

I really enjoyed revisiting the McAlisters, it is hard to believe how recently children were shuffled around and passed off as a less than desirable living being just because of their parental status and their economic class distinction. This is a touching and moving fact-based historical read and one that you should not avoid. There are emotional moments throughout the book and the series that will move you and make you think, and in my opinion, that is the mark of a truly stellar book - it entertains while subtly making you think and consider ideas and topics you would not normally give more than a passing thought to.  This is excellent reading and one that should take the top space on your tbr stack!

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I offer my honest opinion - All thoughts expressed are my own.  

About the Book:

A family long divided, a mysterious trunk, 

and a desperate journey across the ocean
all in the name of love. 

The epic saga of the McAlisters continues 
in this riveting sequel to 
No Ocean Too Wide.
In 1909, Grace McAlister set sail for Canada as one of the thousands of British Home Children taken from their families and their homeland. Though she is fortunate enough to be adopted by wealthy parents, the secrets of her past are kept hidden for ten years until someone from her long-buried childhood arrives on her doorstep. With this new connection to her birth family, will she be brave enough to leave her sheltered life in Toronto and uncover the truth?

After enduring hardship as an indentured British Home Child, Garth McAlister left Canada to serve in World War I. His sweetheart, Emma Lafferty, promised to wait for his return, but after three long years apart, her letters suddenly stopped. When Garth arrives home from the war to unexpected news, he is determined to return to Canada once more on a daunting mission to find the two women he refuses to abandon—his long-lost sister and his mysteriously missing sweetheart.

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