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Something Old ~ Review

Something Old
The Cornwall Brides #1
By Rebecca Connolly 

Lily and Thomas Granger's marriage is miserable. And the misery has slowly grown over the five years of their marriage. Though he loved Lily, he married her for the money she would bring to the marriage, and he has regretted it every day since they said their vows. But at last, he has restored all that he had lost and spent, and the time has come to win his wife's affection. There is just one problem he doesn't know how to approach her after years of silence.

Lily thought Thomas Granger had the same feelings for her that she had for him. At least that's what she assumed before he approached her father and made a business arrangement for her hand in marriage. When Lily walked down the aisle, she did so with the hope that her marriage would grow into love. The five years since have instead grown into long silences and absences. Her marriage is slowly breaking her, and she has become trapped in her despair. Until Thomas asked her to join him in London.

But London isn't the answer, as Thomas quickly realizes that the only hope of finding what he seeks is a break from everything familiar.

Can Cornwall help Thomas rediscover the love he has hidden away? 

Something Old is the first book in The Cornwall Brides series, and it takes the reader on a journey.  A journey to recapture the promise of love that was lost. To remake a marriage that has become nothing more than a coupling of names. But how does one find love that has been denied and squelched? This is the answer that Thomas and Lily must discover if they have hope for the future. Can they make a change that lasts? Or will they return to the staid existence they once had when they return to their normal life? Only time and determination will tell.

This is a book that fans of Regency Romance will delight to read and reread. Thomas and Lily are both characters that one can readily empathize with and root for as they fight for what they truly want. I highly recommend this book and would say it is on the clean side of the romance factor unless you are opposed to kissing in your books.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:
From this day forward...

Thomas Granger has been married to his wife Lily for five years. The marriage has been proper, but without much affection, and the fault for that lays squarely on his own shoulders. He married her for her fortune and has hidden his true feelings until he felt redeemed enough to truly love her. Now his fortunes have been salvaged, so he aims to take the next major step in his life: wooing his wife.

Lily has been living with a broken heart from the day she married Thomas. What hope she had for a marriage of love has long faded, and she sees no reason to dream otherwise. When Thomas asks that she come with him to Cornwall to try a new adventure together, she takes the chance on one last hope in finding love in her marriage. Wrapped in the beauties and magic that only Cornwall can provide, she finds new life breathed into her, and into her feelings for her husband.

When their walls come down, when their pretense is gone, will they find the love each of them has sought? Or will the life they have known be all that remains?

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