Curse of the Midnight King ~ Cover Reveal

 I just love cover reveals! Getting the chance to see a book's cover before it comes out, examining it for any possible clues as to how the story will unfold. 

How about you? How do you feel about cover reveals? Love them or hate let me know in the comments if you have feelings one way or the other.

Today I'm taking part in the cover reveal for Yakira Goldberry's Curse of the Midnight King. I have to be honest just the title piques my interest. What is this curse? And who is the Midnight King?

Now before we get to the full cover reveal here is a little bit about the book and its author:

About the Book:

Can she break the curse in time to save her sisters? She may conquer more than the Midnight King; she may learn to conquer herself.

Three years ago, Faye and her sisters were cursed by the Midnight King. Now, separated and alone, Faye only sees her sisters when she is dragged into the Underworld every full moon at midnight, and forced to dance with Pathos, the Midnight King himself. And Faye knows that their curse is her fault.

When the king of Eura announces a series of balls being held in the honor of his son, Prince Leo, Faye realizes she may now have a chance to help her and her sisters escape the curse. But things aren’t easy. For Pathos is determined to keep Faye in the Underworld with him.

In this retelling of the Twelve Dancing Princesses and Cinderella, Faye must sacrifice herself to save her sisters, or risk them being trapped in the Underworld forever, suffering from the curse she helped create.


About the Author:

Yakira Goldsberry started writing at the age of eight when she first discovered the power of words. She has since then buried herself in the magical worlds of fiction--and has yet to return. Working as a book reviewer by day and an author by night, Goldsberry lives with her family on the East Coast. Her one mission in life--set the world afire with truth.

And now the cover in all its splendor...

Preorder Swag:

The first fifty people who preorder the paperback and send in their receipts will receive a handful of goodies from the author. These include—art of the main characters Faye and Leo, and of the villain, Pathos; three quote stickers; a bookmark; and a letter from the author.

The first fifty people who preorder the ebook, once available, and send in their receipts will receive—three quote stickers, a bookmark, and a letter from the author.

All proofs of purchase can be sent in via private message on Instagram or Facebook Messenger, or through email at  yakiragoldsberryauthor  (AT)  gmail (DOT) com

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