Her Lady's Whims and Fancies ~ Review

Her Lady's Whims and Fancies
Lord's for the Sisters of Sussex #3
By Jen Geigle Johnson

Miss Kate Standish has a passion for fashion - a passion that has allowed her to be on the leading edge of what is about to be the new look of the season. She's always been able to give the dresses that she and her sisters were passed down a look to give them a new look. And she is determined to use her passion and skills to ensure that she will never again be hungry. With her eldest sister June soon to be wed, Kate is looking forward to seeing, and perhaps meeting, Lord Dennison at the event. As the most fashion conscience man around she hopes to observe him up close and perhaps become acquainted with him.

Lord Dennison has no time for young women caught up in their own selves, not after having his heart broken and rejected by the woman he hoped to marry. But he hadn't met Kate Standish yet. Unfortunately for him, his broken heart has turned his tongue acerbic and Kate's first acquaintance with the man she has secretly admired is anything but pleasant. 

Can two people so well-suited find their way past a disastrous first meeting? Having received the brunt of Lord Dennison's anger, Kate determines to put him in his place by submitting an anonymous piece to Her Lady's Whims and Fancies focusing on his latest fashionable masterpiece. 

When Kate and Logan finally get the chance to get to know one another they find that they have much in common. But the secret that Kate is keeping could destroy what they could have together. When Kate attempts to fix the situation things go horribly wrong. Can she reveal the truth to her sisters and get their help or will she be too late?

This is the third book in the Lords for the Sisters of Sussex series and it is a fun Regency era read. It is nice to be able to revisit the sisters as their situation continues to improve. This book can be read on its own though the first two books in the series provide backstory that explains certain aspects of this book. Sit back and enjoy this offering from Jen Geigle Johnson with a cup of your favorite tea blend.

About the Book:
She has a secret to hide. 
He has a hurt to cover. 
But they both start having too much fun to notice.

Miss Kate is full of spontaneity and dreams of fashion. Put her in a room with Ackerman's fashion plates, the makings of a new bonnet, and a strong cup of tea, and she would be happy for hours. But she is not your typical Regency miss. No one knows that she is the designer behind London’s famous fashion section, the woman who knows every fashion trend before it happens.

Lord Dennison, the ton’s best most brightly dressed dandy, the prodigy of Beau Brummel himself, is often the subject of Her Lady’s Whims and Fancies, a gossip column in the Morning Star newspaper. He moves in circles with the most fashion-conscious set. But he hides a deep hurt and doesn’t plan to ever ask another girl to marry him…ever again.

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