Covert Amish Christmas ~ Review

Covert Amish Christmas
By Mary Alford

Victoria Kauffman has spent the last year running for her life. Since her partner and unit were killed on an operation gone horribly wrong she's been trying to stay one step ahead of rogue CIA operatives whom she believes are behind everything. She just needs to find the proof-there is just one problem she has no idea what she is looking for. And worse is the guilt over the life she has led as a CIA agent, the things she has done eat at her, stealing any hope for peace. 

Aaron Shelter has been living with his guilt over his wife's death, no matter what anyone thinks he knows it is his fault she didn't seek the help she needed sooner. When he finds a woman in need of his help he isn't about to repeat the mistakes of the past. But this time offering help could get him and those he loves killed.

As Victoria, Aaron, and his family spend Christmas trying to elude ruthless killers, Victoria's only hope lies with contacting her former commander. But when you are in the heart of Amish country communication is not easily accomplished. 

If you are a fan of Amish suspense that is a clean read you will enjoy this offering from the Love Inspired Suspense brand. At times Victoria and Aaron's dwelling on their guilt can be a little much but overall this was a good read. All the action takes place in approximately a day so there is a lot crammed into this time period but that is to be expected with these books. I will admit I had a few suspicions as to who was the guilty party so don't be surprised if you aren't surprised at the reveal of the mastermind.  

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion. All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:

Fleeing to Amish country
might be the only way to survive Christmas…

Hiding in Amish country, former CIA agent Victoria Kauffman’s determined to find evidence to catch the corrupt agents who killed her partner. But when her Christmas refuge is discovered, the sole person she can trust is Amish widower Aaron Shetler. With ruthless—and dangerously powerful—enemies after them, Victoria must use all her training to make sure they live through the holidays.

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