Thirst ~ Review

Thirst Duology #1
By Jill Williamson

Eli McShane and his friends have been taking part in a wilderness survival adventure, never realizing that the skills they had learned would be needed just hours later. During the 2-weeks they were gone the world changed forever and people are dying everywhere. And it is into this unknown that they are about to enter.

Thirst is aptly named as the world's water supply has almost overnight become contaminated and there are no known means to purify it. Bathing, cooking, if your water comes from any source other than bottled water your hours are coming to a painful end if you use it.

Unprepared for his role as a leader, Eli does the best he can to secure supplies and gather what friends he has left on a trek back to the La Plata Mountain region of Colorado that they had been in when everything began (or ended).  But hundreds of miles lie between them and their destination and there are unknown dangers that could very well cost them their lives. Along the way, he is forced to decide whether or not to help those he comes across.

Thirst keeps the reader in an almost continuous state of peril and suspense. For those who are familiar with Jill Williamson's previous works, this is the first book in a duology that is the origins story for her Safe Lands series. If you have not yet read any of her books this book is the perfect introduction as you do not need to have any familiarity with previous books to enjoy this action-packed thriller. If you like dystopian, Speculative, or thriller fiction this brings all three together in a well-balanced offering that will leave you wanting more!

I received a complimentary early proof from the author with no expectations - all thoughts expressed are my own honest opinion. I have since purchased a copy of this book.

About the Book:
The end of the world is only the beginning...

A waterborne disease has contaminated the world’s fresh water, decimating the human race. Seventeen-year-old Eli McShane and his friends flee the chaos and violence in Phoenix and journey north toward the rumored location of a safe water source. They add several to their number, including the mysterious Hannah, who is being hunted by a dangerous man. Desperation brings out the worst in many of the travelers, infecting even those closest to Eli. When division comes, will he be able to hold his group together or will each fall victim to their own thirst for survival?

Join us old friends from Glenrock and Jack's Peak in this thrilling first book of the Thirst Duology. Best-selling author Jill Williamson has brought back the breathtaking suspense of The Safe Lands series in this chilling prequel that will leave readers thirsting for the next installment.

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