Over the Line ~ Review

Over the Line
By Kelly Irvin

Gabriella Benoit is determined to never let Eli Cavazos break her heart again - there's just one problem her heart doesn't agree with her decision. Eli broke her trust and she just can't find it in herself to forgive him. But when a total stranger calls out to her and with his last breath gasps out the name of her brother as he dies of a gunshot wound she knows she needs Eli's help.

With Jake not responding to her attempts to contact him she has to get to Laredo to find him before it is too late. Eli isn't about to let Gabby head off on her own especially with their victim having ties to Laredo. Insisting on accompanying her he connects with local law enforcement for clues to his case which has links to gun smugglers.

But Laredo just unearths more questions than answers. Jake is the main suspect in a local murder case. Convinced that her brother is being framed Gabby isn't about to trust the local PD to give Jake a fair chance or to do all they can to find him before it is too late. The information they do uncover reveals secrets that Jake has been keeping but was it part of his cover? Or was he truly hiding something from his sisters?

Over the Line is an ever-building story that keeps the reader wondering who can be trusted.  If you like suspense that comes seemingly from the headlines you will love this new offering from Kelly Irvin. And a word of warning be careful who you trust your life could depend on it...

About the Book:
You have something we want. We have something you want.”
Gabriella has never forgiven her former fiancĂ©, homicide detective Eli Cavazos, for breaking her heart. Then a man she’s never met shows up at her restaurant, a bullet in his chest and her brother’s name on his lips. Gabby soon realizes this man is connected to a powerful ring of criminals who know far too much about her.
Against her better judgment, Gabby turns to Eli for help in finding her brother. When she receives a cryptic text from her brother’s cell phone, she realizes she is in deep and may be dragging Eli down with her. With her brother nowhere to be found and pain from her past threatening to overwhelm her, Gabby wonders how she will make it through this unexpected quest unscathed—or alive.
Taking us into the heat of Laredo, Texas, the secrets of a gun-smuggling ring and the tensions on both sides of the border, Over the Line will keep you guessing until the last page.

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