Act of Valor ~ Review

Act of Valor
True Blue K-9 Unit #2
By Dana Mentink

Vi (Violet) Griffin has known the Jameson family her whole life and she knows just how much the mystery surrounding the death of Jordan Jameson has affected the entire family and especially her best friend Zach. And she's worried about him as he deals with the loss of his big brother.

Vi has always been, as she likes to say, "New York tough" but when she sees something suspicious at work she makes an instant enemy. And she has no choice but to ask for help and she needs it now! Soon Zach and his K-9 partner Eddie are racing to Violet's aid. But Vi has made an enemy who wields power and isn't afraid to come after her and eliminate her and anyone who gets in their way.

Vi is determined to not let this affect her daily life. But soon someone knows where she lives. And her job at the airport well it is obvious someone has found a way around security. Violet doesn't want to go back to her parents' diner full time nor move back into her parents' home. But Zach is just about as stubborn as she is and he's determined to keep her safe after failing Jordan.

But spending so much time together just might be the worse thing for Violet and Zach's friendship - it could alter it forever. Can you ever go back to being just friends once you fall in love?

This is the second book in the True Blue K-9 Unit series and it follows the NYC's K-9 Unit which is reeling following the death of their chief - Jordan Jameson and the disappearance of his K-9 partner Snapper. As with book 1 Justice Mission (Lynette Eason), there is no resolution to this case. If you are looking for a quick clean mystery that can be a stand-alone this is a great way to pass the sweltering hours of summer.

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About the Book:

She saw something she shouldn’t have…

A True Blue K-9 Unit story

When airline employee Violet Griffin encounters several suspicious passengers, she’s thrust into the crosshairs of a drug smuggling operation. NYPD officer Zach Jameson and his drug detection beagle, Eddie, can tell this is no small-time threat. Someone’s gunning for Violet, and after recently losing his brother, Zach refuses to lose her, too…especially now that she’s gone from friend to the woman he’s falling for.

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