Living Lies ~ Review

Living Lies
Harbored Secrets #1
By Natalie Walters

Lane Kent has a secret and its one that she's been forced to keep for years - one that has been affecting her, making her feel less. And no one truly understands just how she feels. The one bright spot in her life is her son Noah.

But when Lane literally stumbles over a body the world she has so carefully constructed begins to crumble. First, there are strangers in Walton. Second, one of her regulars at the Way Station Cafe's Friday Night Club, Miguel has been less than regular. And then there is the new deputy, Charlie Lynch whom Lane keeps running into (and it is more than a little messy).

Walton, Georgia, might be a close-knit community but murder has a way of putting everyone on edge and sometimes the evidence just doesn't point where it should. But Lane isn't sure how to make people listen to her and see the truth of what she knows in her heart.

Living Lies is quite appropriate as far as titles go as this is how Lane feels that her life and how people see her is a living lie - a face that she has put out there for her father's career, for the family's honor, and to protect herself. But sometimes the greatest freedom is facing the truth of who we are and not concealing it.

While this book is classified as a romantic suspense, which it is, it is much more. It deals with PTSD, depression, suicide, guilt, and bullying. Living Lies doesn't shy away from the issues it is dealing with and presents them from several perspectives that of those living with these issues and those on the outside looking in. All too often judgments are made without a full understanding and that is just what the author, in my opinion, is trying to carefully and thoughtfully present to the reader. This is an excellent read and one that would make an excellent book club selection.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with the no expectations but that I offer my honest opinion - all thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:
In the little town of Walton, Georgia,
everybody knows your name-
but no one knows your secret.

At least that's what Lane Kent is counting on when she returns to her hometown with her five-year-old son. Dangerously depressed after the death of her husband, Lane is looking for hope. What she finds instead is a dead body.

Lane must work with Walton's newest deputy, Charlie Lynch, to uncover the truth behind the murder. But when that truth hits too close to home, she'll have to decide if saving the life of another is worth the cost of revealing her darkest secret.

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