Agent Rising ~ Review

Agent Rising
Max Thorne #1
By Ethan Jones

In a  change of pace author, Ethan Jones instead of focusing on a Candian agent has turned his attention to Maximillian (Maxim) Thornichinovich an agent with Russia's FSB.  We were introduced to Maxim in Eighteen Minutes when Maxim's job as a transporter took an unexpected turn that resulted in the Sheremetyevo International Airport receiving tens of thousands of dollars in damage, the package dying, and other agents dead. And now Maxim is stuck at a desk rather than in the field doing the job he loved and excelled at.

When offered a trial job with the SVR and the GRU as a transporter Maxim is more than willing to give this job his best especially as it will prove his worth. There's just one little catch - he will have to retrieve the package, a traitor, from America and work with other agents with whom he is unfamiliar. But what could go wrong?

The assignment Maxim is about to take on has deep links to the past both his and to the fall of the Berlin Wall. And unless he can shift through the layers to get to the truth this just might be one mission he won't come back from. But Max is determined and he has determined that nothing will stop him from completing his mission and regaining what his last assignment cost him. This mission just might take a little longer than anticipated as someone seems determined to stop him permanently. With trust at a premium, Max may have no choice but to rely on the very person he is transporting if they hope to make it out of America alive. But how much trust should you place on a traitor?

Those who have read Ethan Jones past books will enjoy this newest series starring Max Thorne (aka Maximillian Thornichinovich). Wondering where the name Max Thorne comes from? Well, you'll just have to read the book to find that out.

I was provided a copy of this book as a beta reader and have since purchased a final version of it. No expectations but providing my honest feedback - all thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:
Max Thorne is a Russian covert operative ... or is he?
Demoted FSB Agent Max Thorne, living with a troubled, unknown past and aimless future, accepts a near-impossible assignment: bring a traitor who is hiding in the United States back home to Russia.
Max has never lost any of the high-value detainees he transports, and this mission could prove his allegiance to the agency. But he’d be working in hostile territory, with an untested new team, and his career and life are on the line.
As the Russian team is ambushed while descending on Washington, DC, Max discovers that his fate is inescapably linked to that of the “traitor.” Now there is even more at stake … his mysterious past may tie him to the CIA.
With no time to determine whom to trust, will he find the courage to stand between the Russian service and an innocent man? And in doing so, will Max be deemed a traitor himself? 

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