Beauty in Battle ~ Review

Beauty in Battle
Beauty in Flight #3
By Robin Patchen

Harper Cloud wants to run now that the truth about her past has come out but to keep Red safe she'll to return to Maryland. Harper knows that she'll end up in jail - she sees no other possible outcome not with her record and the fact that she's a person sought in connection with the murder of two men. Jack Rossi is convinced that no one will hear Harper's story and think her guilty of this crime but Jack doesn't know the world as Harper does. And together they're about to find out just how the justice system works.

Derrick is determined to make Harper pay for her disloyalty to him. After all, if she had just played the part he had in mind for her he would have had the money he needed to pay off his gambling debts. Not only did Harper deny him she took his grandfather and ran. And he is going to find her and get what is his.

This is the exciting conclusion to the Beauty in Flight series and it will most definitely keep the tension and suspense at a steady incline throughout. At times the future of Harper and Jack is in serious doubt. And a word of warning these books must be read in order the story is continuous and will be lacking key components if you start somewhere in the middle. Fans of Love Inspired Suspense books will want to read this series.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I offer my honest review. All thoughts expressed are my own.

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About the Book:

The truth is out, but will it set her free, or will it land her in the grave?

The last thing Harper wants is to do is return Maryland to face the police and explain the mess she left behind, but with Red safe and the authorities waiting, she has little choice. At least Jack didn't abandon her, even after he discovered her lies.
Now that Jack knows the truth about Harper, his feelings for her are deeper than ever. Jack isn’t about to leave her side, and he'll protect her from anybody who tries to hurt her--or die trying. 
But Derrick is on their trail, and he’s the least of their problems. How can they battle both Derrick and the killer who hides in the shadows? 
Don’t miss the exciting conclusion of the Beauty in Flight series. 

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