Marrying Miss Milton ~ Review

Marrying Miss Milton
Brides of Brighton #2
By Ashtyn Newbold

Jane Milton has been secretly in love with the Viscount of Barnet since she caught a glimpse of him 7 years prior. At 15 her heart was impressed with what she saw as he rode his horse and she fancied a future with him. But how is one to make an impression and receive an offer of marriage when nary a word or a passing glance is exchanged?

With the marriage of her three younger more perfect sisters (she couldn't compare as her mother so kindly pointed out every chance she got) Jane is now to receive her parents attention in securing her a match. But with her heart's desire removing himself to Brighton for the season Jane is quite beside herself at her lost chance.

When an opportunity is arranged for Jane to go to Brighton as a Lady's companion she had no idea just what she was about to experience (or perhaps endure would be a better word). Caught is a position with her reputation ruined Jane is forced into a marriage, not of her choosing, mere days after arriving in Brighton. And worse she finds herself facing a future as the wife of Philip Honeyfield a new named marquess who just a month before was no one of note at least to the ladies of society.

Can a marriage resulting from one unexpected and unchaperoned exchange result in a lifetime of misery? Jane and Philip are about to find out.

This is the second book in the Brides of Brighton series and it is as delightful as the first (A Convenient Engagement) and several of the main characters from the previous book make appearances here as well. As Philip and Jane work through their new and unexpected circumstances they must first get to know who the other one is before they can hope for anything other than a lonely foreseeable future.

And anyone who read the first book will recall Lord Ramsbury whom Amelia did not marry, well he offers Philip some advice which may or may not be helpful. And one has to commiserate with him and hope that he will someday find a young woman who will be happy to marry him for who he is and not the title he holds.

Sit back in a favorite cozy corner with a warm cup of tea, a shortbread cookie (or two) and get lost in yet another delightfully sweet Regency-era romance from Ashtyn Newbold. This one falls in the gentle reads and clean romance category so feel free to share with readers of all ages.

About the Book:

One must never underestimate the consequence of a simple kiss…

Tall, dark, and brooding, the Viscount of Barnet stole Jane Milton’s heart the day she saw him astride his black horse in the woods. With her three seemingly perfect younger sisters now married, Jane might finally have a chance to win him over. When she learns of his upcoming trip to Brighton, she grasps at an opportunity to be a companion to an elderly woman there, in order to follow—er—accompany Lord Barnet to the seaside town.

Mr. Philip Honeyfield has suffered the dreaded misfortune of inheriting a title. Ungainly and shy, how can he perform well in the eye of society? To navigate his new role, Philip seeks advice from an unlikely source. When he is smitten by his grandmother’s new companion, Miss Jane Milton, his advisor offers one final piece of counsel: he must kiss her at the upcoming ball.

But a moonlit kiss can be catastrophic when witnessed by a cunning mother, a marriage can be inconvenient when forced, and a woman’s heart can be difficult to win when it belongs to another. Can an unexpected love conquer Jane’s resentment and Philip’s regret? Or will that simple kiss turn out to be his greatest misfortune of all?
Marrying Miss Milton is a sweet & clean regency romance novel.

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