Enclave ~ Review

By Thomas Locke

Since the Great Crash America has descended into an almost medieval feudal system of enclaves and townships. Many areas are nearly lawless as the need to survive at the cost of others becomes the norm. Another who is different is seen as a threat and a small group of people who have been labeled by some as abominations are seen as a threat to the future.

Some label these gifted individuals as specials and they are being hunted for there abilities. Abilities that could make the powerful even more so.  And Caleb is about to be targeted after accidentally revealing his gift. When a chance encounter brings Caleb, his best friend Zeke and Kevin Ritter together the world is about to change yet again.

Kevin is now a man with a bounty on his head when he refuses to go against his conscience and help round up these specials. But is he ready to join them?

Enclave is one of those books that takes you on a journey that you are unsure just where you will end up and it is one that is well worth the time spent getting there. This book appears to be a single novel but I'm hoping for a sequel just to see where everyone goes from here. Enclave is a book that deals with fear - fear of the unknown, fear of taking a stand, fear of what was lost - and confronting this fear and overcoming it.

This is a dystopian fiction with a bit of speculative thrown in for a well-balanced and engaging read. Perfect for the colder weather reading. And the cover does this book justice.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book by the publisher Revell with no expectations but that I offer my honest opinion - all thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book:

To save his enclave's future, he must risk his own

Nearly one hundred years have passed since the Great Crash. What was once America is now a collection of enclaves, governed at the local level and only loosely tied together by the farce of a federal government. 

Catawba, one of the largest and most affluent enclaves in the southern region, is relatively stable. It maintains successful business relations with nearby enclaves. But when a new vein of gold is discovered beneath the feet of its citizens, it's only a matter of time before trouble finds them.

Now Catawba's fate depends on an untried young trader named Caleb. Could his plan help secure the enclave's future?

Yet Caleb is keenly aware that if his secret were exposed, he would not live to see another dawn.

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