Called to Protect ~ Review

Called to Protect
Blue Justice #2
By Lynette Eason

What can I say, Lynette Eason has yet again created another page-turner with this - the second book in her Blue Justice series which follows the St. John family in their lives of service. Called to Protect opens six months prior to the majority of the story with sixteen-year-old Penny St. John going on a date - a date from which she would never return. And the St. John clan is convinced that their young cousin got caught up in a human-trafficking ring.

Six months have passed since Penny's disappearance with no clues and unfortunately, life must continue. When Chloe St. John and her K-9 partner Hank are called to the scene of an accident to search out drugs they find something they were not expecting. With evidence of human trafficking, the St. John family has hopes of perhaps learning something that could lead them to Penny.

Even more troubling Deputy US Marshall Blake MacCallum's kidnapped daughter more be among the trafficking victims. And someone is leveraging this against him in an attempt to take out an important government official. With his daughter's life on the line, just how far is Blake willing to go to keep her safe, especially when he's been warned against seeking help.

Someone is determined to keep their nasty little enterprise secret and they are willing to do anything to keep it operational. Even striking out at those seeking to shut them down.

Called to Protect is an action-packed book that steadily builds to a climatic peak that will leave the reader in moments of doubt as to the possibility of a satisfactory outcome. This book also spotlights the horrendous and devious world of human trafficking - something that seems to be unstoppable. Fans of Lynette will enjoy this newest offering that spotlights Chloe St. John of the St, John clan while not ignoring the other family members. As with Lynette's other works, there is romance in this suspense. And just be ready to stay up reading late into the night.

I was provided a review copy of this book with no expectations other than my honest review ~ all opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book:

She'll have to draw on all of her resources to 
crack the case--and guard her heart.

After being dumped by her fiancé, Chloe St. John has decided that the only male she likes is her K-9 German shepherd partner, Hank. But being over the whole romance thing has perks--like giving full attention to her job. Attention she's definitely going to need because a case of human trafficking with connections to her missing cousin just landed in her lap.

Deputy US Marshall Blake MacCallum is in a race against the clock to rescue his kidnapped daughter when Chloe and Hank are asked to be a part of the task force assembled to bring down the traffickers. Chloe finds herself attracted to the silent, suffering man. But can she trust him? And can Blake trust himself around this firecracker of a woman?

Buckle in. This fast and furious ride will have your heart pumping from the very start.

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