Covert Assassin ~ Review

Covert Assassin
Justin Hall #13
By Ethan Jones

Everyone's, well mine at least, favorite intelligence agent is back with a new mission. CIS is assisting in trying to locate a missing British agent- one whose disappearance is highly suspicious. But each lead takes Justin Hall and Carrie O'Connor into a more intricate web of misdirection, omission, and half-truths.

This mission will find Justin and Carrie working with different international intelligence agencies whose help may be more hindrance than aid. And when a potential threat to a foreign dignitary is uncovered time and conflicting intelligence is working against them.

Covert Assassin by Author Ethan Jones is the latest Justin Hall thriller and what a mess of undercutting by foreign intelligence agencies! With a threat that could upend the current political balance in not only the region but the world, Justin and Carrie have their work cut out for them. The most difficult part of this assignment staying alive long enough to determine who to trust.

If you like intense no let up action this is one book you don't want to miss out on. And if you haven't read any of the previous Justin Hall books that won't be a problem as it easy to get into these books from the opening line and not feel as though you are missing something vital to the story. Highly recommended and word of warning you'll want to stay up late to find out just what comes next!

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