Closure ~ Review

A Javin Pierce Thriller #3
By Ethan Jones

The action set in motion in the two previous Javin Pierce books comes to a head in this third offering. Javin is on the run attempting to pit various intelligence agencies against the one that betrayed him and Claudia. The only problem someone is still working against Javin in his attempt to bring retribution against the man who turned against him and this leak is destroying his alliances before he can make any headway.

With Claudia being held in a Saudi prison and time working against him Javin's options are in few and those he trusts is shrinking by the minute...

As the action, suspense, and danger build Europe and the Middle East may never be the same. The only question for the reader to discover is who will be left alive when the dust and political fallout settles. This book brings this three-book story arc to an intense and satisfying conclusion. Ethan Jones has created another cast of characters to keep the reader flipping the pages to learn what happens next!

And a word of warning never betray a Corrector ~ It could very well be the last mistake you will ever make...

About the Book:

Covert operative Javin Pierce will avenge his betrayal or die trying . . . 
Off the grid, Javin Pierce is struggling to heal from his wounds. Immediately he's forced into a shaky deal with former enemies not only to secure his partner’s release from a Saudi jail but also to settle the score with the traitor who double-crossed them.
While his new rogue team crosses Iraq’s treacherous lands, he can barely stay ahead of the deadly threats coming from all sides. As Javin sets his sights, alliances around him crumble. So with no one left to trust, in an ever-changing maze, how will Javin survive the deadliest mission of his life?
With a plot ripped from tomorrow’s headlines, Closure, the third book in the all-too-real Javin Pierce international espionage thriller series, confirms Jones’s status alongside Flynn, Clancy, and Dawson. If you like novels that are loaded with action and suspense, barreling at neck-break speed, with well-crafted characters, and ingenious plots, you are guaranteed to love Closure. 

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