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Infected ~ Review

A Kennedy Stern Christian Suspense Novel #6
By Alana Terry

College life hasn't been quite what Kennedy was expecting but it all seems to be finally evening out. And spring break is looking to be pretty good - Sandy and Carl are going away on a short anniversary trip and she'll be watching Woong for them.  And if her dad would quit freaking out with every single Nipah virus update she'd be even better. And she's hoping for a little time with her boyfriend Dominic while on break.

But plans are soon out the window when Nipah makes its presence known close to home. But shopper panic is the least of Kennedy's worries when she finds herself in the middle of a lockdown at the hospital and no outgoing contact with the outside world thanks to yet again a dead cell phone battery.

Kennedy is about to face yet again a trying situation in which her faith will be tested. And she'll face questions to which she isn't prepared to answer.

If you've enjoyed the previous books in the Kennedy Stern Suspense series you'll want to read this one as Kennedy continues her journey. This is another emotional journey and one that will tug at the reader's heart, it did mine, and bring a tear or two.

I was provided a free review copy of this book by the author with no expectations of a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book:
A global epidemic has doctors and health-care workers panicked, but life continues on as usual for college sophomore Kennedy Stern, who's not about to let a little virus interrupt her premed studies or dampen her spring break.

When she finds herself isolated in a hospital lockdown, Kennedy and all those quarantined with her can only guess who will survive and who will succumb to the deadly threat confronting them.

An exciting new release from award-winning Christian suspense novelist Alana Terry.

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