Sterling Bridge ~ Review

Sterling Bridge
By Chad Robert Parker

It will take more than a ball and a coach
to heal this broken town.

1926 Tooele, Utah, is not a welcoming place to outsiders, those who aren't part of the church or 100% pure Tooele.  Living on the wrong side of these tracks could get you into a heap of trouble.

It is to this divided community that Sterling Bridge has come to coach the high school football team. But unlike those of Oldtown Tooele he feels that education and football should be available to all the children Newtown and Oldtown alike.  In his opinion religious belief should not be the deciding factor in who does or does not attend secondary school.  Now he just has to convince Tooele.

But old fears and prejudices are hard to break and all too often those who hold the greatest opposition to immigrants have forgotten their own roots.  But Sterling Bridge was not a man easily intimidated by the unfounded fears of others.  Though it took years and times of hardship he achieved his goal - healing the division in Tooele and this is his story seen through the eyes of one of his students.

The main focus of this story is set in 1928 - 1933, a time of trial for most of America with both the economic collapse and the fallout from the Dust Bowl.  Trials and changes can have interesting affects on those who find themselves caught in their midst - some succumb to their fears while others rise to the occasion.

I was provided a digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review and tour participation.

About the book:

Tensions are high in small-town Tooele, Utah, during the Great Depression, but coach Sterling Harris knows football is the answer. With his job on the line, he makes a bold play to find victory for his team and unity for his town. Based on a true story, this inspiring book gives you a fresh perspective on the past and hope for the future.

About the author:

Chad Robert Parker lived in six states growing up, and is the second of six boys. Each served two-year missions. He is the son of two great, humble parents. They taught him a love for family, church, and life. Chad is an avid sports fan and likes creating games. He also likes juggling; he chose to juggle publishing his first book with getting married and starting a new venture hosting anecdoting.com: a site to share and collect good everyday life stories. Chad works in the library at BYU and lives in beautiful Saratoga Springs, Utah, with his lovely wife.

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