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The Hive
The Ministrix # 2
By John Otte

Her ship was no longer functioning.  It's last act was giving her the means to survive and escape.  But when she was disconnected from the Hive (a cybernetically enhanced society) and isolated with her own thoughts she discovered a disturbing and perplexing truth.  Zain was pregnant - but why or how was not information she could access.  A fragmented, corrupted file gave her a clue, a single name - Scorn.

Is this Scorn a way back to her people?  Zain is determined to track down this lead, but the world outside the Hive is something she has never experienced.  And Zain is about to get a sudden and confusing crash course on the Ministrix, the Praesidium, and humanity in general.

Matthew Nelson (aka Scorn) is known for his skills in the unseen realms of the cyber world.  If you've been hacked Scorn or his friends are probably involved in it.  But Scorn is determined to leave this life behind, and hopefully before he gets caught up in a game that becomes even more dangerous. But one of his games had an unexpected result and he is about to be visited by this mistake.

It was all a little harmless fun, until he had to face the results of his fun.  And now his life and the life of Zain and her unborn child are on the line as well.  Can they find a safe haven until they can plan their next step?  What follows is a chase with Zain and Scorn as persons of interest and if they aren't careful they may find themselves at the mercy of the Praesidium, the Ministrix, and anyone interested in the possible reward being offered.

The Hive is the second book in The Ministrix series.  If you haven't read the first book (Numb) yet don't worry this book can stand alone so you can go back and read the first one next.  Fans of Science fiction will enjoy the science elements woven throughout.  If you enjoy Dystopian, Star Trek, and Star Wars give this book, this series a try - I think you will be well pleased with your experience.

But a word of warning don't let the Ministrix or the Praesidium know that you've glimpsed some of their closely guarded secrets - you may not enjoy the experience when they discover your whereabouts.  And they will discover you if you divulge what you've discovered.

I was provided an advanced copy of this book in PDF form, which I devoured within four hours, from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Join me on October 16, 2015, anytime after 6 pm CT for a fun interview with the author - John Otte.   And thank you for stopping by and let me know what you think - Have you checked out the cover?  I'm thinking Borg...

A pregnant cyborg and a teenage boy fight against intergalactic governments to protect the unborn in this novel from a Christy Award-nominated author. Why is Zain pregnant? She belongs to the Hive, a collective of cyborgs who choose to live apart from the rest of human society. At times, the Hive rent out some of their females to produce tailor-made children for paying couples. But Zain is an engineer, not a breeder. When she finds herself separated from the Hive, she decides to find the person who she thinks ordered the baby. Surely they’ll help her find her way home.
Matthew “Scorn” Nelson has spent the better part of his teenage years cracking computer systems, causing mischief and havoc wherever he can. But the night of his greatest triumph turned into a painful memory, one he wants to erase. But that night was also his first step on a road to faith. When Zain arrives on his doorstep, Scorn is horrified. What’s he supposed to do with a pregnant teenage cyborg?
Unfortunately, he’ll have to answer that question on the run. Zain’s people want to reclaim her and terminate her pregnancy. And both the Ministrix and the Praesidium, two intergalactic governments in a constant state of cold war, want Zain’s baby for their own reasons. Will their enemies run them down? Or will Zain find a new Hive for both her and her child?

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