Unplanned Blog Tour ~ Did You Know with Alana Terry

A first­ year college student adjusting to life in the States.
A brand ­new pregnancy center desperate for new volunteers.
A mysterious phone call from a girl who's far too young to be pregnant.

from winning suspense novelist Alana Terry

After volunteering at a crisis pregnancy center, Kennedy Stern finds herself a pawn in a deadly game of intrigue, at the mercy of those who consider a few innocent lives a small ransom to pay for victory.

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Did You Know? (Writing trivia from Alana Terry)

  • I started writing Unplanned at 12:15 am on January 1, 2015. The neighbor’s fireworks helped keep me awake.
  • The first draft of Unplanned was completed in three weeks.
  • About fifteen percent of Unplanned was composed on my dictation program, where I spoke the words out loud and the computer transcribed them. It had more errors to correct but was easier on my eyes and wrists than typing.
  • My research for Unplanned included interviews with an OB nurse, a crisis pregnancy center director, an EMT, and an FBI field agent.
  • I went to college just outside of Boston, near where Kennedy studies.
  • Like Kennedy, I was also a premed student. When I took the MCAT I scored higher on the writing section than on biology.
  • In Unplanned, Kennedy is reading Crime and Punishment for her Russian lit class. It's a book I've read three times, once in high school, once in my own college Russian lit class, and once after I graduated.
  • Kennedy's roommate is rehearsing for an adaptation of Twelfth Night, which is my favorite Shakespeare play.
  • When I was a volunteer for our local pregnancy center, I received a call very similar to the one Kennedy receives from Rose. I never did figure out who the girl was.
  • During one round of edits, I deleted the word just 93 times, even 103 times, and at least 23 times.
  • Even though Unplanned is the first book in the Kennedy Stern Christian Suspense series, it shares characters with my other books. Kennedy’s parents are the missionaries in Slave Again and Torn Asunder.
  • While I worked on Unplanned was the first time I’ve gotten choked up while writing.


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