CSFF December Tour ~ The Fatal Tree Day 2

Welcome to the final CSFF blog tour of 2014
This month we are reviewing and discussing The Fatal Tree
the final book in Stephen Lawhead's Bright Empires series.

The Fatal Tree
Bright Empire #5

It starts with odd little wrinkles in reality and when the anomalies accumulate to a level that a dimension can no longer sustain - that dimension along with all those living in it will be extinguished as if they had never existed...
is here and we are about to slip over a cosmic cliff.

Our questors have been separated by both time and space.  The ley lines have become unreliable as the anomalies increase.  And the physical side effects are increasing with each jump making each trip increasingly dangerous.  But the Spirit Well must be reached and they have to discover a way around the Fatal Tree which now guards that which they seek.

One man may have the knowledge they seek, but can they trust the man who has sought to destroy them?  And what ulterior motives could Archelaeus Burleigh be hiding?  Kit knows that the man responsible for his great grandfather's death can't be trusted but Mina, Cass, and Gianni feel that the preservation of the Omniverse is worth the risk.

In this the final book we revisit scenes from the previous books but from the viewpoint of other characters who were part of the original scene.  A true merging of past, present and future. 

Get ready to go on an adventure that will test your ability to adapt and prepare to grow your mind! Paradoxes, Time loops, and Quantum mechanics, oh my!  The unknown is greater than you ever imagined and one misstep or decision can destroy it all!  Join me tomorrow for Day 3 and more about The Fatal Tree.

I received a copy of The Fatal Tree from Thomas Nelson in conjunction with this CSFF Blog Tour in exchange for tour participation and my honest review.

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