Becoming Beauty ~ Interview

Taking time from her busy schedule author Sarah Boucher took time for a short exclusive interview with me.  Be sure to check-out my review of Becoming Beauty here!

1) What about Beauty and the Beast made you want to retell this tale?

I’ll admit it.  I’ve always been obsessed with Beauty and the Beast. While other girls dreamed about the hunk of the week, I dreamed about the hulking Beast.  Something about a person who can see himself as nothing but beastly is entirely relatable.  Becoming Beauty was spurned by the fact that I have always adored him more than the prince he transforms into and because as much as I admire the sweet, self-sacrificing Beauty, I could see nothing of myself in her.  The two issues festered in my mind until I discovered a way to create a non-princely Beast and a more contemporary Beauty.

2) What is your favorite Genre or do have a broad appreciation of genre types?

Fairy tales have always held a special place in my heart.  As an adult, several traditional fairy tale
volumes still dot my shelves along with modern fairy tales and fairy tale retellings.  Beyond that, I enjoy any type of clean Young Adult romance (contemporary or otherwise) and classics from authors like L.M. Montgomery, Jane Austen, the Brontes, and Shakespeare.

3) What is your best source of inspiration when you write?

During the writing process, I need complete quiet in order to focus.  However, my career as a
kindergarten teacher has left me with a mind that can’t focus on anything for very long.  A variety of
movies, books, and theater, along with nights out with the girls keep my mind fresh and my imagination alive before, after, and in the middle of projects.

4) Which character in Becoming Beauty do you most identify with?  Why this character?

Bella is a conglomeration of every snarky comment, every great comeback, and every sassy thing I ever wanted to do or say.  Underneath all that bravado beats the heart of a real girl who longs for something better.  She’s both the girl I’m afraid I’ve become and the woman I long to be.  Creating her exorcised a number of my personal demons, so is there really any question why I identify with her best?

5) Who is your favorite Fairy Tale character?

Without a doubt, Beauty is the fairy tale character I have always loved best.  The Disney version with her bookish nature, kind heart, and preference for a crabby beast over the village’s most eligible bachelor is particularly appealing.  In Belle, Disney lends depth to the one-dimensional fairy tale character in traditional tales.  But really, what’s not to love about a girl who can appreciate a fabulous makeover and gorgeous gowns and shoes?

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