Houses of Common ~ Review

Houses of Common
By Derick William Dalton

When Ranyk is sent on a mission that he doesn't want, he had no idea what he was about to get caught up in.  Added to that he has a little bit of difficulty fully grasping the intricacies of human language and this is about to add to his problems.

But something even more sinister is beneath the surface and tens of thousands of lives are hanging in the balance and anyone getting close to the truth is in danger.

Houses of Common is a story that spans across the species and into space as humanity has begun colonizing the solar system with the help of alien races.  But the current effort has hit a snag and unless Ranyk can discover why someone is trying to stop his efforts lives will be lost.

This is an interesting book that should appeal fans of YA fantasy/futuristic fiction, but be warned this is but the first in a series.

I was provided a digital copy of this book in conjunction with this blog tour.


In the 22nd century, pilgrims leave Earth for the nearby planets that terraformers have crafted to meet their needs. Ranyk is a smart-mouthed alien, the best of the world-builders employed by the US government--and he always completes his risky assignments solo, pushing to the deep recesses of space for the good of colonists and to avoid his growing fame.

Until he's handed an on-planet assignment in Ireland, of all places, as an undercover international student of aquaponics. His real plan? To pull scientists and their families out of a country careening toward civil war--and off earth to a world of their own before marital-law lockdown ends their ground-breaking discoveries.

Risking his life is no novelty for Ranyk. He's been battered by asteroids, nearly incinerated in volcanoes, and has out-piloted pirates. But political espionage on Earth is more dangerous that anything he's encountered before, and he's completely ill-equipped for such delicate matters. Now he must figure out who to trust and who to eliminate, or it will mean his freedom, the safety of forty thousand desperate colonists, and the lives of his friends.


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Mr. Dalton is a professional student who has taken an occasional hiatus for 
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