CSFF January Blog Tour ~ Outcasts Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of the first CSFF blog tour of 2014!

Outcast by Jill Williamson is kicking-off the year and Jill took time from her busy schedule
to take part in a short interview about her newest book - Outcasts.

1) Omar is trying to change. Do you think part of the problem he has is the attitude Levi and Jordan have towards him?

Levi and Jordan treat him in a similar way that his father did. And Omar’s insecurities come from his relationship with his dad. So that’s why those two tend to get under Omar’s skin. But Omar is starting to learn that he doesn’t have to be the person his dad wanted him to be. That he can be who God created him to be.
 2) Levi is having trouble getting the Glenrock survivors follow his directives as elder, do you feel this is a result of Levi's own insecurities in his position or is it a result of being in the Safe Lands?

Well, Levi is elder. They even voted him in. So he’s trying to be the best leader he can. But he’s young, and he doesn’t really understand what grace is all about. So he’s quite legalistic in his ways. He strongly believes that with enough will power a person can be perfect, and he’s determined to try. That does stem from his insecurities over his past mistakes. He doesn’t want to make mistakes ever again. But he is human, so he will never be perfect—at least not on earth.
3) I like the link that you created with the naturals and the people from Glenrock, did you have this in mind before you put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) or was this a revelation to you as well?

Hmm… By “link” do you mean the common ancestor? If so, I did have that in mind. I started writing the apocalyptic prequel before I ever started writing the dystopian series. So those characters and what happened to them were always in my mind.

4) With the little tidbits you've dropped about Papa Eli and his time in the Safe Lands what are the possibilities of a prequel?  I for one would be in line waiting.

It could happen, sure. I originally sold the prequel, which is called Thirst, and Captives to Zondervan. But when they learned that I had intended for the dystopian book to be a trilogy, they opted not to buy the prequel. So if the books do well enough, I think Zondervan would be willing to publish the prequel about Eli and his youth group friends. That book is half written, so it wouldn’t take all that long to finish it. Though some of the revelations in the Safe Lands series are spoilers for how Thirst ends.

5) Why the Owl?  What drew you and Omar to this particular character?

In the beginning of Captives, Omar was drawing an owl. I had said he had an obsession with them. So that’s why I thought it would be a good fit. I didn’t give him that interest for any reason in particular. I was just writing, and when Mason has said there were pictures all over the walls in Omar’s room and he felt like there were eyes everywhere, that made me think of owls, since they are always depicted with large eyes. And that’s also why I made the Owl was one of Omar’s favorite superheroes from the comic books his grandfather gave him. The Owl is a real superhero, just not a very popular one. So Omar made it his own.

6) The cover for Book 3 is really interesting ~ which brother do you see as being on the cover?

The way I see it, Levi is on the cover of Captives, Omar is on the cover of Outcasts, and Mason is on the cover of Rebels.

If you are interested here is the link to the interview I did with Jill for last year's CSFF Captives tour.

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  1. I like your questions about Omar and Levi, Meagan. Also, it's fun to find out which brother is on which cover.

    "Rebels" has a terrific cover, though if that's Mason, he looks like he needs some pity.

    1. Yeah, Mason just keeps getting it one just has to feel for him.

      Thanks for the visit! :D

  2. Mason is NOT enjoying himself in book three, poor fellow. Thanks for the interview, Meagan! It was fun. :-)

  3. Thanks for stopping by Jill. Gotta feel for Mason! Looking forward to Rebels!


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