CSFF January Blog Tour ~ Outcasts Day 1

Welcome to Day 1 of the first CSFF blog tour of 2014!

Outcast by Jill Williamson is kicking-off the year.
But before delving into the second book of The Safe Lands trilogy 
I'm going to recap the series so far...

The Safe Lands 1
By Jill Williamson
Levi is the favored son of Justin of Elias. He is to marry for love. He is a hunter. He can go on scavenging trips to Denver City. And he has earned the respect of his father, something that his younger brothers cannot do no matter how hard they try.

Mason has decided that trying to earn his father's respect and trust is an impossible task 
though he tries his best to please him. 

But Omar is determined to win it no matter what the cost, but does he know how 
much he is going to pay?

The Safe Lands was designed to protect the people from a plague, but what was to be a safety has turned into an even greater danger. The city is the plague and there is no way to stop it or to save the city without drastic measures. And Omar and the people of Glenrock may be the Safe Lands last hope.

Omar in an act of betrayal destroys Glenrock and rips Jemma and Levi apart just days before their marriage. Can Levi find a way to get within the city and free those who have been taken against their will? 

The ease of life in the Safe Lands is a powerful draw, but is the loss of their freedom and the chance of becoming infected a reasonable trade? But the Safe Lands is home to people whose wild ways may have lead to the plague's spread through what was suppose to be a fortress of safety from the plague. 

Mason has been put in a position within the Safe Lands where he is able to study the problem of the plague up close. Can he use the skills he developed in Glenrock and stop the plague? Can he bring hope where there is none or will it merely be false hope?

As Mason struggles to cure the plague and to save the people of Glenrock from forced surrogacy, Levi is working on a plan of escape. Meanwhile Omar is falling into all that the Safe Lands has to offer in an attempt to hide from his guilt over what went wrong with his grand plan. 

Captives has a belief in something more than self and learning to accept the person God made you to be. Captives will tug at your heart as you experience the unhappiness that fills the Safe Lands. 

This is definitely for the older YA reader (16+).

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

Pick-up your copies of Captives  and Outcasts today at Amazon.

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  1. A great post--- even though I've read Captives twice and began my third reading of it today, I think it was really helpful to read your summary to understand the book better.

  2. Brilliant idea to post a summary. I realized it had only been about 6 months since I read it and I still could've used a refresher.


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