CSFF August Blog Tour ~ Captives Day 3

The Safe Lands Book 1
By Jill Williamson

Captives is the first book in the Safe Lands trilogy.  The book focuses on just a few of the people from Glenrock.  The main focus is three brothers -Levi, Mason, and Omar, who are a study in contrasts.

Levi is the expected leader-to-be.  The eldest son of Justin, and Justin's favorite.  Levi is allowed to marry whom he wants.  He's a hunter and he is allowed to go on trips to the old city to scavenge for supplies.

Mason the second son.  He is training to be a doctor, something that isn't an approved profession for men in Glenrock. And he reads old medical books from before.  Mason is thoughtful and empathetic towards the feelings of others.  After accidentally shooting and killing Joel (not in the book) Mason doesn't have the stomach for hunting or eating meat.  Mason's father arranges a marriage for him and does so against Mason's objections.

Omar is the youngest son with an artistic eye.  He is always drawing and sketching.  Omar does hunt and is yet another disappointment to his father.  Omar is jealous of his brother Levi.  Levi has their father's approval and is taken into the old city someplace Omar dreams about seeing.  And Levi is going to marry Jemma the girl Omar has a crush on.  But Omar belittles others just as his father does all the while seeking his father's approval.

Once they enter the Safe Lands the brothers reactions are as varying as they are.  Omar wants to experience everything that the Safe Lands have to offer, no matter the cost.  Levi wants to rescue the people of Glenrock and escape the city.  Mason, though not eager to embrace the lifestyle of the Safe Lands, is curious about their medical and scientific knowledge.  His empathy makes him willing to help the Safe Landers find  cure for their illness.

It is interesting to see these brothers side-by-side and wonder how different they and their lives might have been if their father had treated them the same.  It is also all the more amazing that our Heavenly Father shows no favoritism among His children when we compare Him to our own earthly fathers.

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher in exchange for my review.

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