Lair of the Serpent ~ Review and Giveaway

Lair of the Serpent
Tombs of Terror #3
By T. Lynn Adams

Sometimes our best made plans are for naught as Jonathon Bradford is about to discover.  Hoping to surprise a dear friend on her birthday was the plan, but before he had even touched down in Cambodia Delia had been captured by slavers.

As Jonathon and Severino (Delia's brother) search for Delia among the criminal elements of Preak Tori, they risk being killed or worse captured by the very slavers they are trying to find.

But finding Delia proves almost impossible as they come face-to-face with gangs, snakes, police and betrayals.  A friendship with a young street orphan named Chey soon proves to be their most valuable asset in locating where Delia may have been taken.

But when Delia's kidnapping seems to have something to do with the mythological Naga Mani and the Black Snakes (a feared Cambodian gang), suddenly everything is much worse.  The possibility of slave becomes a possible human sacrifice.  With the police threatening to throw them out of the country Jonathon, Severino, and their old friend and mentor Juan are running out of time to find Delia.

But finding Delia and extracting her from the situation are two totally different things and they are warned by the guide that they hire that any rescue attempt may result in her death and all involved in her rescue attempt. But the two boys are determined and nothing will deter them.

Lair of the Serpent takes a look at the modern slave culture and its rampant disregard for the lives that it uses up and then casts aside as refuse.  The cruelty of the harsh culture is a stark difference to what so many in our Western cultures are familiar with.  This is an eye opening book that is also a page turning attention grabbing read.

I received a copy of this book in digital format from the author and publisher in exchange for my honest review of this book.

About the Book:

"A young adult series destined to become Hollywood's next major motion picture trilogy. A must read." Kevin Buxbaum, Associate Producer, Life of Pi

Kevin Buxbaum is talking about the fast-paced Tombs of Terror series by author T. Lynn Adams. The next book in the series, Lair of the Serpent, will be released in June.

“The shock of the assault caught the men off guard, and they struggled to control the American. They wrestled him to the ground, pinning him there, holding him fast, as Sang stood up from the ground. Cursing in Khmer, Sang pointed the gun at Jonathon’s head.”

Jonathon can’t wait to surprise Delia for her birthday. With a little help from Delia’s brother, Severino, he plans to visit them in Cambodia where his friends are both working as humanitarian volunteers. But Jonathon arrives only to learn that Delia has been kidnapped.

Determined to find her, Jonathon and Severino plunge into the world’s most heavily land-mined jungle. Hidden deep in a tangle of ancient ruins of western Cambodia, they encounter the frightening legend of the Nāga and a deadly gang known as the Black Snakes. Now, the only way to free Delia is for the friends to steal an ancient, sacred stone and use it to lure the criminals out of hiding. If Jonathon and Severino fail, all of them will die or be consumed by the brutal world of human trafficking.

Lair of the Serpent seamlessly blends intense action and suspense with family loyalty and tender romance. The rich setting and colorful characters will ignite your imagination, while the twisting plot and elements of fantasy will satisfy every adventurer’s thirst for exotic quests.

“Lair of the Serpent is full of adventure, memorable characters, and enough suspense to keep you at the edge of your seat.” Heather Ostler, author of The Shapeshifter’s Secret

The book can be pre-ordered online. It will be released in June! More information can be found at the author’s web site http://www.tlynnadams.com/

You can connect with the author on any of the following:
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