Claudia: Wife of Pontius Pilate ~ Review

Claudia: Wife of Pontius Pilate
By Diana Wallis Taylor

Into a life of exiled privilege Claudia, granddaughter of Caesar Augustus, is born.  She is privileged in name only having been confined to the grounds of a small villa in Reggio because of the sins of her mother.  Kept to these grounds by the goodwill of her grandfather, Claudia's life would soon change at the death of her grandfather and the ascension of Tiberius, her mother's former husband.

When Tiberius brings Claudia to Rome, making her his ward, her future is in his hands.  The intrigue of the palace makes Claudia wary and long for both a home of her own and a husband she doesn't despise.

Claudia is the story of one woman's search for something more.  Something beyond what she knows and what she has been taught.  As the wife of Lucius Pontius Pilate she enters the Judean territory at a time of turmoil and unrest.  It is in this time and place that Claudia finds what she has been searching for when she experiences the truth of the promised Jewish Messiah.

Claudia offers a new perspective on the life of Jesus and the life of Pontius Pilate the man God used to fulfill His promise.  Join Claudia as she joins with the early Church and the new believers who experienced the death and resurrection firsthand!

A delightful and lovely book that will touch your heart!  Perfect to give as gift or to treat yourself.  Yes, this is fiction based on a Bible verse and some historical evidence, but this book will capture your attention and hold it.  You will feel Claudia's pain at her separation from her family.  Her dislike of Sejanus will become yours.  And her fears and hopes concerning her son and the man who healed him will move you.

Take a journey into the past and see Rome at its height and the birth of Christianity!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

Available June 2013 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

In a time of turmoil, one woman will search for love and peace--and find it where she never expected.
Tugged this way and that by fate's indifferent hand, Claudia's life is adrift--until she meets Lucius Pontius Pilate and becomes his wife. When they move to the troublesome territory of Judea, she does what she has always done: makes the best of it. But unrest is brewing and Claudia will soon find herself and her beloved husband embroiled in controversy and rebellion. Might she find hope in the mysterious Jewish Rabbi everyone seems to be talking about?

Let this epic story whisk you through marbled palaces, dusty marketplaces, and idyllic Italian villas as you follow the unlikely path of a woman who warrants only a passing mention in one of the Gospel accounts, but whose story, as told by Diana Wallis Taylor, is one worthy of legend.

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