CSFF May Blog Tour ~ Merlin's Blade Day 1

Merlin's Blade
Merlin's Spiral 1
by Robert Traskillard

Take a new look at Merlin as you have never before seen him.

Into everyone's life comes a time when they must make a choice and to stand beside that choice.  Merlin's time has come....

A stone of incredible power has been brought forth.  The evil it's unleashing will change the life of a young man, a village, and an island nation.  The future of Britain lies with a stone, a sword, and the blind son of a smith.  Merlin's Blade will entrance you, as it draws you in.  Be prepared as you enter a world of deep held beliefs and even deeper superstitions.  Enter the world of Merlin before Arthur took the throne or even held the sword!

I was provided a copy of this book, by the publisher, in exchange for my honest review.

Merlin's Blade book trailer:

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Author blog http://www.epictales.org/blog/robertblog.php
Author’s website - http://www.kingarthur.org.uk/

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