My Journey To Heaven

My Journey To Heaven
By Marvin J. Bestman with Lorilee Craker

What I Saw and How It Changed My Life....

Following surgery for a rare pancreatic condition Marvin Bestman was given a gift from God - a glimpse of Heaven.  But more than a gift God gave Marvin a task to complete before he would be called home to stay. God wanted Marvin to tell us about his experience and My Journey To Heaven is a recounting of Marvin's journey and he's invited you along.

Escorted by angels Marvin was left at Heaven's door through which he got a glimpse of Heaven's wonders.  Light and color more vibrant and brilliant than anything ever seen on Earth.  And he saw angels, babies, friends and family.

But Marvin was told that he wasn't to enter Heaven yet, he still had work to do for the Lord.  Marvin's experiences have provided comfort for others in the six years since his experience occurred.  

My Journey To Heaven is Marvin's final accounting of his journey as he has completed the task God gave him before his final homecoming.  Won't you take a glimpse at what Marvin is now experiencing in fullness? 

I was provided a copy of this title for the purpose of this review and all opinions expressed are my own.

Available September 2012 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. 

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