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The Midnight Show ~ Reveiw

The Midnight Show
By Sarah Pennington

Dayo Temitrope has a problem - she's putting her career in jeopardy and she can't remember a thing about it the next morning when she wakes up. Worse she has now ruined her favorite pair of red heels. But to solve this mystery will take someone who is very discreet. Dayo doesn't want anyone to know what's happening as they would probably think she was totally wackers.  

Fortunately her manager Geir Olvinsson knows just who will get the job done - private investigator Bastian Dennel. Bastian is sure he can get to the bottom of Dayo's problem with a bit of investigating but to do a thorough job of it he'll have to get a lot closer to Dayo than she wants. 

But when the nightmare she lives each night is revealed she just might have to reconsider just how close she'll let a pi get.

The Midnight Show has a swing-era feel to it with a double dash of fairy/fantasy thrown in giving it a unique and distinct flavor all its own. This is a fun twist on the Twelve Dancing Princesses that will leave the reader wondering what will come next in the lives of these characters. This is my first experience with Sarah Pennington's work and I can say I appreciate the world that she has created and liked the interactions between the characters.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion - All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book

This mystery is the case of his dreams — and her nightmares. 

By day, Dayo Temitrope is a swinging singer, an up-and-coming star with a shining career ahead of her. By night, she’s . . . well, she’s not sure, but whatever she does leaves her every morning with sore feet and worn-out shoes. And after six months, she’s had enough. 

Enter Bastian Dennell, a private investigator just trying to get by. When Dayo hires him to find out where she goes at night, he’s sure it’s his big break: his chance to establish himself and get the funds to pay off his family’s debt. Plus, he gets to work with his favorite singer, even if she isn’t exactly what he expected. What could be better? 

But first, he has to solve the case — which means navigating a tangled web of strange dreams, fair folk schemes, and show business. It will take all Bastian’s wits, along with the shining talents of Dayo herself, to figure out the truth before the curtains close for good on Dayo’s career. 

A jazz-age-inspired twist on the Twelve Dancing Princesses from the author of Blood in the Snow.

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About the Author

Sarah Pennington has been writing stories since before she actually knew how to write, and she has no intention of stopping anytime soon. She is perpetually in the middle of writing at least one or two novels, most of which are in the fantasy and fairy tale retelling genres. Sarah's first published work, Blood in the Snow, received a perfect score and Special Unicorn status in Rooglewood Press's Five Poisoned Apples contest. When she isn't writing, she enjoys knitting, photography, and trying to conquer her massive tobe-read list. 

Find her online at: 

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