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A Time of Mourning and Dancing ~ Review

A Time of Mourning and Dancing 

The Floramancy Archives #1
By Abigail Falanga

Toph was once a captain, serving with the Princes but when the war ended he was forgotten, left for dead with the rest of the dead and dying. With next to nothing to his name when he comes across an edict from King Victor - solve the secret the princesses are keeping and win the hand of one of them. Toph determines to be the one to solve the mystery.

The one thing the edict didn't share was that failure would cost him his head. With nothing but his life to lose Toph accepts the challenge. But the twelve princesses are holding their secret close. With three nights to discover how the princesses are destroying their dancing slippers, Toph doesn't have much time to gather the information that will help him. 

Vicia is the eldest of the twelve princesses and the heir to the throne. Her stepfather and stepmother are not the kindest parents and see her and her sisters as possessions that could be used to further their ends. Since the war stole their five brothers from them the sisters have been most peculiar and sillier than usual. 

Toph has a most daunting task before him but with a word of warning and a gift from an elderly woman he has a small advantage is completing his challenge before time runs out. A dark curse has made its presence known and he'll need to get the princesses to agree to work with him to find a way to break it. But discovering the truth may come with a great cost. Are they willing to pay it?

A Time of Mourning and Dancing is the first book The Floramancy Archives and it is a story well worth your time. I really liked Toph and the princesses with their cunning make them a formidable team when they put their minds to a task. The conclusion is satisfying though there is quite clearly a thread that could well lend itself to a second book. This is a world I would like to visit again. Excellent reading and highly recommended.

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide my honest opinion - All thoughts expressed are my own.

About the Book

Once, Toph knew his place in the world. As a respected captain in a victorious army, he had triumph and promotion to look forward to. But crippling injury stole his future and war stole his friend. Belonging nowhere and with nothing left to lose, Toph accepts a challenge that could end his life: discover a secret the princesses will do anything to hide. 

Vicia is a princess, but powerless and in mourning. Her beloved brothers were killed in a war she’s beginning to question. Ever since she and her eleven sisters have become mere treasures for her stepfather the king to use to barter. A chance meeting with a frightened faery gave a wild hope that they may recover what they’ve lost. But it will cost a dance—and a dangerous secret. 

Soldier and princess must learn to rely on each other if they are to survive curses, slighted fae, and an enchanted lost land. Something dark and powerful lurks in the mists beyond the dance floor, conducting the steps… and time is running out. 

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About the Author

Abigail Falanga may be found in New Mexico creating magic in many ways – with fabric, food, paper, music, and especially with words! She’s loved fantasy ever since playing out epic adventures of swords, fairies, and monsters with her siblings, and loved sci-fi since her dad’s stories around the dinner table. Abigail has published nearly two dozen flash fiction stories across a variety of genres, having discovered that extra-short stories are a wonderful way to explore ideas without getting distracted by – Squirrel! But fantasy and fairytales are her first and truest loves. 

She's launching "The Floramancy Archives" - dark and epic fantasy reimaginings of classic tales, filled with plant-magic and portals, curses, and fae. 

Find her online at: Website || Goodreads || Facebook || Twitter || Instagram || Amazon

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