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The Unwanted Suitor ~ Review with Interview and Giveaway

The Unwanted Suitor
Regency House Party: Somerstone #1
By Michelle Pennington

Cornelia Greystock made a rash decision when she refused Sir James Hawkston's offer of marriage. She left her family behind and became a paid companion for the Countess Du'Breven. No longer able to take part in what Society had to offer she has severely limited her future prospects. And when the Countess determines to hold a house party at Somerstone Manor Cornelia is expected to help keep everything running smoothly.

To Cornelia's dismay, Sir James Hawkston is on the guest list and he has accepted. Determined to pair the man who broke her heart with one of the young ladies in attendance, Cornelia's efforts are thwarted when James realizes that Cornelia is in attendance and not hiding away in the country.

As Cornelia proves that she is the hoyden that she has always been in her mission to exact revenge on James she just might steal his heart - unless she kills him first. Determined to right the wrong he committed James and Cornelia just might be playing right into the Countess's scheme.

This is a sweet and easy read that is set in the Regency period (in case you couldn't determine that from the series name). Cornelia is a most entertaining individual as she schemes and plans how to best torment James. And the Countess Du'Breven, well all young ladies in search of a suitable match would do well to end up on her invitation list. And who couldn't help loving Wellington, I mean pugs are just such individuals - I know from experience having a "cousin" who was one and babysitting a couple of them over the years.

I would recommend this book to fans of cute, clean, fun reads. And if you like historical Regency fiction ENJOY!

I was provided a complimentary copy of this book through SLB Book Tours with no expectations but that I offer my honest opinion ~ All views expressed are my own.

About the Book:

Series: Regency House Party
Genre:  Adult, Historical, Regency, Romance
Publisher: Indie
Publication date: September 2, 2018
When Cornelia Greystock received a proposal from Sir James Hawkston, she couldn’t bear it. It had been inspired, she knew, from pity and remorse—not love. Unable to face him afterward, she leaped at an offer of employment from the Countess, Lady Du’Breven. Serving as her companion, Cornelia struggles to adjust to the change in her social status, but the hard work distracts her from her broken heart. That is, until the Countess decides to hold a summer house party at her family estate and invites Sir James.
Sir James has never recovered from his disappointment when Miss Greystock refused his proposal and then fled, according to her family, to live with an unheard-of aunt in Ireland. When he grudgingly accepts an invitation to Lady Du’Breven’s house party, however, he is astounded to find Miss Greystock there. One thing is certain—this time he’ll court her the way he always should have. He is almost certain she returns his feelings, but he must tread carefully. If she refuses his proposal a second time, it would not be gentlemanly to ask a third. As time grows short and she continues to hold him at arms-length, will he find a way to at last win her hand?

About the Author

1-Michelle Pennington
Michelle Pennington writes clean, heart-pounding, sigh-inducing romance across multiple genres. Her books include Young Adult, Contemporary, Regency, and Fantasy. The genre might change, but her characters will always be falling in love.

She spends her days quoting movies with her husband and making messes faster than her four kids. She also has a cat her kids call Boots, but is really Hessian Boots, the perfect Regency gentleman, complete with a snowy white cravat. She loves to make magic by stringing words together, but she also creates designer sugar cookies, sings loud in church, and kills too many house plants.

Author Interview

1) Who is your favorite comfort read author?

I can fall into one of Georgette Heyer’s Regency romance at any time in any place and call that day perfect.

2) What do you most like about the Regency era?

I love the unique tension created by the rules of society. The fashions were more elegant and natural than during the periods before and after, including hairstyles. Plus, the combination of the political climate and the burgeoning technology and social change created a unique backdrop on England’s history, like the whole country was in this tense but experimental waiting phase.

3) What one author past or present would you like to mentor you?

Who else can I say besides Georgette Heyer. Because of her, I fell in love with the Regency genre. In my opinion, there’s no one better.


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