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Arctic Wargame ~ Review

Arctic Wargame 
Justin Hall Spy Thriller #1
By Ethan Jones

Arctic Wargame introduces us to Justin Hall a member of the Candian Intelligence Service (CIS) who finds himself in a hostage extraction in Libya gone wrong. Well, when a mission goes bad and you happen to take out a building of both historic and religious importance you end up on desk duty.

With desk duty in their foreseeable future, one would think that Justin and his partner Carrie O'Connor would be thrilled with an off the desk job. Icebreakers of unknown national allegiance have crossed into Candian waters in the Arctic circle region. Is it a navigational error or is it something more? CIS and the DND (Department of National Defense) want, no need to know. And desk bound agents Justin and Carrie are given the mission along with Colonel Cindy Gunn (with National Defense HQ) and Anna Worthley with legal services.

But sub-zero temperatures are the easy part of the mission when evidence shows something bigger is going on. And when a betrayal leaves the team in dangerous waters (obviously frozen with the sub-zero temps) a bad situation is about to turn deadly. Worse nothing is what it seems and time is running out to stop what has started.

Arctic Wargame is an international thriller with misdirects and betrayals waiting just across every border. If you want a fast-paced book to pass the hours with you have to give this one a try! 

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