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The Austen Escape ~ Review

The Austen Escape
By Katherine Reay

Mary Davies has given in to her best friend's persuasion and has most reluctantly agreed to a 2-week stay in Bath living the life of a character from one of Jane Austen's books. Isabel Dwyer has determined that immersing herself in Jane Austen's Bath is the only way to finish her dissertation and her English doctoral degree and Mary just has to go with.

With all the pressures at work, Mary is both reluctant and relieved. As an engineer, she is constantly developing new technology at WATT. But change has been creeping in and creativity is at a low and Mary wonders if she will have a job to return to. And then there is Nathan, the consultant who has been working with WATT. Mary hopes to have something more than a working relationship with Nathan, but Mary being Mary isn't going to make any ripples to change what is.

Bath is everything Austen and yes there are dresses and gowns which Mary is expected to wear. Isabel is in Austen paradise and LOVING every moment of it. But when something happens Isabel forgets everything except Regency living and Mary. Unfortunately for Mary, she is not an Austen aficionado - she crash-coursed just days before and is having to wing it with Isabel while monitoring the situation. But when secrets that Isabel has been keeping come to light while Isabel is not in the present Mary has to come to terms with just who Isabel is.

The Austen Escape is another interesting offering from Katherine Reay. This is the fifth book in which the author uses classic literature to give modern settings a unique twist. The characters all have a personality quirk that leaves them feeling as if they are not enough in and of themselves. In this book it is interesting how the distant past, the not some distant past and the present all come together so that the main characters are forced to confront what has been holding them back, to face their deficiencies and grow from there.

I really enjoy Katherine Reay's writing her characters are engaging and I really enjoy the tidbits of Austen found scattered throughout this newest book. These books are all standalone so no need to fear you'll be left standing in the dark with no clue as to what is going on. This would make an excellent book club selection and believe me, there would be plenty to discuss.

I was provided a review copy of this book by the publisher through BookLook Bloggers with no expectations of a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book:
Falling into the past
will change their
futures forever.

Mary Davies finds safety in her ordered and productive life. Working as an engineer, she genuinely enjoys her job and her colleagues – particularly a certain adorable and intelligent consultant. But something is missing. When Mary’s estranged childhood friend, Isabel Dwyer offers her a two-week stay in a gorgeous manor house in England, she reluctantly agrees in hopes that the holiday will shake up her quiet life in just the right ways.

But Mary gets more than she bargained for when Isabel loses her memory and fully believes she lives in Jane Austen’s Bath. While Isabel rests and delights in the leisure of a Regency lady, attended by the other costume-clad guests, Mary uncovers startling truths about their shared past, who Isabel was, who she seems to be, and the man who now stands between them.

Outings are undertaken, misunderstandings play out, and dancing ensues as this company of clever, well-informed people, who have a great deal of conversation, work out their lives and hearts.

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