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Abridged ~ Review

A Kennedy Stern Christian Suspense Novel #7
By Alana Terry

Kennedy and her roommate Willow are helping with the set up for the upcoming Truth Warrior's retreat for men at Pastor Carl's church. But the retreat for some reason has riled up any and all women's rights groups in the area. Kennedy just can't understand just what all the fuss and uproar is about. Even the church's assistant/youth minister Nick seems opposed to it. But then Nick seems to oppose almost anything Carl does at present.

But when the outcry takes an ugly turn and Carl is left in a life-threatening condition Kennedy is shocked. And when her own opinion is called into question her status on campus is also questioned. Who knew that standing up for women's roles in life whether at home or at a career could create such an uproar? Well, now Kennedy does and she is about to discover just how tolerant her fellow classmates are when it comes to freedom of speech and freedom of personal opinion. Tolerance only goes so far and Kennedy is about to discover just how far it can go at Harvard.

Abridged is the latest book in the Kennedy Stern series in which controversial issues of the day are explored with Kennedy usually absorbing what both sides are saying and balancing it with her own personal experiences. And one really has to feel for Kennedy, college life is certainly not easy for her but somehow she manages to get through it and learn something important along the way.

I was provided a review copy of this book by the author with no expectations of a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book:
Kennedy's pastor and mentor has always been outspoken. Maybe too outspoken.

Carl's no stranger to political controversy, but when his church comes under fire for hosting the Truth Warrior's men's retreat, women's rights activists and feminist leaders aren't the only ones worried that the conference will unduly restrict women's roles in the church and at home.

On a college campus where safe spaces threaten free speech and academic freedom only exists as long as other students aren't offended, Kennedy dares to defend her friend in Harvard's student newspaper. She unwillingly becomes the face of a controversy that not only jeopardizes her academic career but lands Pastor Carl in the hospital, struggling for his very survival.

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