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Over Maya Dead Body ~ Review

Over Maya Dead Body
A Serena Jones Mystery #3
By Sandra Orchard

Serena Jones is going to just enjoy a little downtime with her family on Martha's Vineyard while celebrating the engagement of an old family friend. But things quickly take a downward turn when their plans are disrupted by a death. Serena being who she is suspicious and with Aunt Martha along she has a ready assistant to help her investigate her concerns.

But all too soon Serena's investigation takes a dangerous turn when someone seems to be targeting her and her unofficial investigation. Before she knows it Nate Butler (her always present building supervisor) and Tanner Calhoun (her mentor and fellow agent) are in Martha's Vineyard offering their assistance and confusing Serena with their attention.

Over Maya Dead Body is a great follow-up to two previous books A Fool and His Monet and Another Day Another Dali. Serena is just as clueless this time as to the marked attention of both Tanner and Nate as she has been before. But this time Nate and Tanner seem determined that Serena be aware of it, but there is a crime to solve if only she can figure out exactly what it is. But whenever she does figure out if it is a murder, antiquities smuggling, or drug running she has a range of potential suspects to choose from.

And more than a case is on the line as once again Serena faces a life-or-death situation, this time her heart is on the line as well. Who will Serena choose? As she says so aptly "I never kiss and tell..."

Get ready for one more case with Serena that will leave you laughing (or at least smiling) as she works with the help of those nearest and dearest to her to solve this mystery. And get prepared for a secret to be revealed that will answer some question series readers may not have realized that they even had. And if you haven't yet read the previous two books you should before opening this one - the background is necessary to fully appreciate this book.

My only complaint the book was so good I read it way too fast for the time I had to wait for it to come out after finishing book 2. And yup it is worth a reread through the entire series.

About the Book:
While vacationing on Martha's Vineyard, Serena Jones becomes entangled in a suspicious death with ties to an international antiquities smuggling ring. Will she find the killer before another person dies?