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Andi Saddles Up ~ Review

Andi Saddles Up
Circle C Stepping Stones #1
By Susan K. Marlow

Andrea "Andi" Carter is turning 9 years old and her filly Taffy is turning 3! Andi is beside herself anticipating the riding she'll finally get to do with Taffy. And her number 1 hoped for birthday gift is her very own saddle.  And Andi has big plans - including trick riding on Taffy.

Unfortunately, (as anyone who has read any of the other series featuring Andi Carter knows) her brother Chad forbids her attempting any such tricks on Taffy or any horse. But meeting a new girl just about her age takes Andi's mind off her disappointment. Sadie is the perfect new friend and she's willing to share her secret to catching fish with Andi.

But just when everything seems perfect it all starts to fall apart because of a land dispute between Chad and Sadie's pa - Vince Hollister. Will a fight between grown-ups destroy Andi's friendship?

This is the first book in the Circle C Stepping Stones series and it is geared towards younger readers who are just starting out in chapter books. Before the reader starts the story there are a couple pages of new words that the reader may be unfamiliar with along with a brief description. After the story ends a brief historical summary about sheep and cattle wars is given.

This book is 104 pages and would be a good fit for a historical fiction book report. There are 6 illustrations throughout the book that add a little something to the reading experience. Perfect for the home or school library and a fun addition to history class.

I was provided a review copy of this book by the publisher with no expectation of a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.

About the Book:
Andi Carter has just turned nine. She and her palomino, Taffy, are old enough to be a real horse-and-rider pair at last! With a beautiful new saddle, Andi's sure she is ready to learn to trick ride like her friend Riley used to do before he left the ranch.

Sadly, big brother Chad knocks down any trick-riding plans, but Andi cheers up when she discovers a new friend at her special spot. Her fun with Sadie is soon threatened, though. They are caught in the middle of a boundary quarrel between the two families. Both Sadie's pa and Chad are stubborn as mules and neither will back down.

Can Andi and Sadie hang on to their friendship while the adults are fighting?