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How to Become a Pirate Hunter ~ Review

How to Become a Pirate Hunter
By Marty Reeder

Eric Francis just isn't good at anything and he has no idea what he wants to do with his life. And as a sophomore, he should have some inkling, at least his high school counselor seems to think he should. But when he meets Charlotte Reeves the newest student in his high school he's about discover who he was meant to be. There's just one problem he's in the wrong time and the wrong place.

According to Charlotte, Eric was born to be a pirate hunter and she's about to give him the chance of a lifetime to prove it. All it takes is a little trip back through time, which could be problematic as time travel has yet to be discovered. Luckily for Eric, he knows Charlotte - let the pirate hunting commence!

Eric's natural skills on the water seemingly prove Charlotte's assertions about him true. But can Eric's natural abilities as a pirate hunter be enough to stop the dreaded Willard Pirate Twins who are terrorizing the shipping lanes into and out of Port Raleigh?  And how can a teenage boy who doesn't even have a driver's license out think and outmaneuver pirates who have years of experience pillaging and plundering?

If your looking for some adventure that will thrill your tween and teen readers look no further. This is an exciting read that adds a touch of fantasy to give the story an added touch of something special. This would also make for a fun family read-together book and at 199 pages not too long. Sit back and let the adventure begin with the first page.

I was provided a review copy of this book by the publisher with no expectation of a positive review ~ all expressed opinions are my own.

About the Book:
Eric has always felt useless. That is, until he meets Charlotte, the new girl who he is asked to show around school. Charlotte tells him she has the power to see other people’s natural born abilities—what they are born to do. Charlotte shows Eric that not only is he not useless, but he has a natural born talent with the potential to make him a hero. When the two teenagers leave their monotonous high school lives for a thrilling adventure on the high seas, Eric will put his natural abilities to the ultimate test to help his friends, and he’ll learn a lot about himself in the process.