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Stu Stories ~ Review

Stu Stories
The Adventures of Dirt Clod and his sidekick Bird Bones
By Patrick "Bird Bones" Hueller
Illustrations by Adam Record

This is a book that should appeal to middle grade readers.  Each chapter is a short story unto itself and builds on the one that came before. Stu Sanderson is that type of kid every teacher would cringe to have in their class and the other students would enjoy the antics.

Eighth grade will never be the same with Stu in the school. Which may or may not be a good thing. Stu is one of those students who draws attention - he is tall and really skinny. And he has a talent for disappearing from the classroom. And then there was an incident involving a flag pole in the middle of winter (need I say more).

Middle grade readers will laugh at Stu and the methods he uses to get his goal accomplished. Stu isn't a troublemaker - he just seems to be drawn to trouble like a magnet to metal. Stu could be called a gentle giant - he cares about the underdog and champions the younger students when he feels it is necessary. But all of Stu's adventures with his best friend Patrick aka "Bird Bones" may come to a tragic end with one last adventure.

At just over 140 pages this book is just right for most book report requirements. The illustrations compliment the book well. There are 14 chapters so the length of each won't be a deterrent to reluctant readers. Boys (and girls) will root for Stu and Patrick as they take on teachers, playground bullies, and secret crushes.

I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher with no expectation of a positive review ~ all opinions are my own.

About the Book:
Stu Sanderson is no ordinary eighth-grader. Not only is he seven feet tall, but he also vanishes into thin air, duels knights and ninjas, lifts the downtrodden, and woos the best-calved girl in school. Become a middle-grade legend with Stu and his sidekick, Bird Bones, on the journey of a lifetime in “Stu Stories.”